Counterattack Paul Brownback

America is in decline in every aspect of national life. This erosion stems from moral corruption imposed by the Left.
In Counterattack: Why Evangelicals are Losing the Culture War and How They Can Win, Paul Brownback asserts that the evangelical church possesses the resources to defeat the Left.
It is failing for two reasons:

  • It has adopted the same core concept that is destroying secular society, leaving it too weak spiritually to effectively fight in the culture war.
  • It lacks a comprehensive strategy, instead expending its resources piecemeal, which prevents decisive victories.
  • An effective counterattack will require restoration of the church’s spiritual health and implementation of an effective strategy.
    This book::

  • Identifies the core cultural concept destroying secular society and weakening the church.
  • Provides a cure for this disease that is sapping the church of its vitality.
  • Delineates a strategy that will assure victory in the culture war.
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