America finds itself in a hopeless condition. This hopeless state stems from basing its perspectives and decisions on unreality. The late Robert Bork wrote, “Americans believe so much that simply is not so.” An obvious example resides in the theory that we can spend ourselves to prosperity. Unless we soon face the realities of life they will confront and destroy us. Despite this danger, Americans cling to their artificial world because it is far more comfortable and less demanding than hard cold reality. Therefore we ignore impending disaster to our own peril.

Many scholars believe that America’s only hope is spiritual. Only spiritual renewal will provide Americans with the light to expose their make-believe world and the power to embrace reality. However, evangelical Christianity, America’s predominant spiritual force, has become infiltrated by the same unrealities deluding the secular world. For example, most evangelicals have come to view grace as an absolute that makes how we live irrelevant, even to God. Just as Congress believes it can spend with impunity, Christians have come to believe that they can sin with impunity. This perspective represents just one piece of a larger body of evangelical unreality. Therefore, real hope must begin by confronting the church with biblical realities. Only then will the church be sufficiently grounded to pull American secular society out of its make-believe morass. The objective of this blog is to engender both spiritual and secular hope by redirecting the evangelical church to biblical realities.


PaBack Cover Pictureul Brownback provides a commentary every Wednesday on the secular and evangelical culture and the relationship between the two. He also writes a one minute read every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday on the application of Scripture to real life issues.

He graduated from West Point, has a Master of Divinity degree from Talbot Theological Seminary, a Master of Human Relations from University of Oklahoma, and a PhD from New York University. He has served as a pastor, counselor, and Bible college president.

He has published two books: The Danger of Self-Love, which examines the contemporary self-esteem movement from a biblical perspective, and Counterattack: Why Evangelicals Are Losing the Culture War and How They Can Win, which describes the roots of contemporary secular culture, explains why it is so destructive, and provides an approach that will enable evangelicals to restore Christian culture and rescue our nation from approaching disaster.

He is married to Connie and has two grown children.