Is Donald Trump an American Winston Churchill?

This past weekend I went to see “Darkest Hour,” the movie depicting Winston Churchill becoming the British Prime Minister at perhaps the bleakest point in England’s national history and against all odds rescuing it from Nazi defeat. As I watched the movie I was gripped by the many parallels between the character and role of Winston Churchill in British history and that of Donald Trump in our own.

Perhaps the most obvious parallel resides in the unique personalities of both, neither of these men fitting the template for the consummate politician. In England, Neville Chamberlain was far better suited for that role. The problem was that his weakness and compromise had brought England to the brink of destruction.

Likewise, we could identify many American political figures far more compatible with the establishment ideal for an American president, e.g. a Jeb Bush. However, from all indications these candidates that reflect the establishment model would have failed to meet the challenges confronting us.

It seems that exceptional leaders usually march to the beat of a different drummer. Abraham Lincoln comprised an unlikely candidate. Gen. Patton, another leader who did not fit the mold, contributed significantly to the Allied victory in World War II. At a time when we cannot afford business as usual, neither can we afford a usual politician.

A second parallel between Churchill and Trump resides in the desperation of the hour confronting them both. “Darkest Hour” relates that at the time when Churchill took over as prime minister, Nazi victory seemed inevitable. Dealing with this challenge was made all the more challenging by enemies confronting Churchill within his own government.

Though America’s situation when Donald Trump became president may not have appeared as desperate, a closer look reveals that it was. Pres. Obama left our nation weak and vulnerable globally on many counts. When Donald Trump took office, China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and ISIS all posed serious threats. Pres. Obama left our economy in shambles, our military weak, our borders open, and our healthcare system broken. Under Obama’s watch the proliferation of corruption left our nation functioning like a banana republic. In addition, from all indications Hillary Clinton would have defeated any other challenger, perpetuating and deepening the profound problems listed above, which would have resulted in America’s demise. Though the enemies confronting Donald Trump are different than those encountered by Churchill, they are just as real and equally as devastating.

As with Churchill, Pres. Trump also faces domestic hostility in seeking to advance his agenda to remedy the many challenges confronting America. He must deal with hostility from the Democrats, the media, the deep state, the RINOs, and the never Trumpers.

Perhaps the most significant parallel between these two leaders resides in their strength of will to take on the fight against overwhelming odds. Rather than collapsing, capitulating, or compromising when faced with daunting opposition, Churchill became all the more adamant in the pursuit of his agenda. We see the same strength of purpose in Pres. Trump. Rather than caving under the withering assaults of his enemies in the media, the Democratic Party, RINOs and others, daily he displays the will and courage to take head on their hypocrisy, dishonesty, and failed ideas with renewed energy.

Yet another parallel can be found in the lack of appreciation for both of these leaders in their time. In retrospect, it seems almost inconceivable that Churchill lost the 1945 election immediately after he had snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat for England in World War II. Even after one year and confronted by overwhelming opposition, the Trump administration has lifted our economy to record heights, defeated ISIS, and drastically reduced illegal immigration, just to name a few of his achievements. Yet his approval ratings fail to reflect these achievements. Instead, the media, Democrats, and even some of his own party ignore or seek to diminish these accomplishments.

From all indications, Winston Churchill was God’s gift to England, to deliver it from almost certain defeat. Donald Trump also appears to be a provision of God’s grace to America, giving us one last chance to escape the wickedness and destructiveness of the Left, and return to reason, responsibility, and decency. It may take the perspective of history to appreciate what Donald Trump is doing for America. Hopefully, most Americans won’t wait that long but instead will appreciate and support him in his efforts to reverse the destruction being imposed on America by the Left.

2 comments on “Is Donald Trump an American Winston Churchill?
  1. Neil Horlock says:

    Here, here! Thank you! I’ve got several upset with me because I’m appearing to side with DT for using an expletive to accurately describe a nation that fits the description. I’ll not side with anyone who joins with this Media to bully our President! We need to uplift him in prayer!

  2. Charmaine Robbins says:

    Paul, I would appreciate your insight on the Tweets that President Trump posts. In my opinion, they don’t lift the office up as a place/voice to be respected. But I also am older, and not using Twitter, so maybe it’s the best way for him to reach a specific audience?

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