The Dishonest, Deceitful, Destructive Nature of the Left and Why I Admire Them

The Dishonest, Deceitful, Destructive Nature of the Left

In a previous post, I described how the Left silences the Right, preventing them from voicing their position on issues, even if, or especially if, the conservative position is true. I offered as the ultimate demonstration of this phenomenon how the Left dictated to Pres. Trump what he was and was not allowed to say regarding Charlottesville.

The Left must silence the truth in order to survive. Let me offer four reasons.

It’s horrific history

Dinesh D’Souza’s new book, The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left, identifies just a few aspects of the Left’s despicable past, such as its racism and advocacy of eugenics. The big lie consists of the Left successfully accusing conservatives of practices of which liberals are guilty. A study of history reveals many disgraceful aspects of the liberal past. Consequently, the Left can only salvage its reputation by silencing any source seeking to expose the truth related to its sordid history.

It’s abominable failures

Almost every initiative of the Left has produced dismal failure. This reality can be witnessed everywhere that the Left has exercised dominance for extended periods. Detroit and Chicago provide graphic examples. Economic failure and lawlessness in these cities represent only two of the many areas in which the failed policies of the Left are on vivid display. At a national level, the liberal welfare state has not achieved its stated objectives but instead has increased misery, destroyed the family, escalated drug use, and reduced gainful employment. Any honest examination of the performance of the Left would reveal ineffectiveness and waste. The Left must prevent exposure of its dismal performance.

It’s irrational positions

The Left must also prevent the truth from being known regarding the positions it advocates. Full disclosure would reveal that many of the positions of the Left are built on the quicksand of junk science. Liberals present themselves as being the champions of science, and yet an honest scientific examination of their core beliefs would reveal their misuse of science in support of their bogus beliefs. This tendency has shown itself in the doctored data the Left uses to support climate change. The reason that liberals will not allow advocates of Intelligent Design a fair hearing in the university classroom is not because Intelligent Design is religious and not scientific as they claim, which is not the case. Rather, the Left must ban Intelligent Design because neo-Darwinian advocates that control university classrooms are incapable of providing a genuine scientific response to the arguments of Intelligent Design. Many other issues could be cited demonstrating the unscientific and irrational positions held by the Left. Opponents must be silenced to prevent the exposure of this irrationality.

It’s dishonest agenda

Rush Limbaugh has made the point many times across many years that the Democrat party must lie about its agenda in order to secure votes. “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it,” “Your health care costs will be substantially reduced,” etc. With the development of talk radio and greater availability of information through the Internet, Democrats are no longer capable of concealing their agenda to the extent that they once were. This is resulting in major losses of elected positions by Democrats at all levels of government. Likewise, RINOs, liberals in Republican clothing, must lie about their intentions in order to achieve election, as demonstrated by the dishonesty of those running on repeal of ObamaCare but refusing to do so when the opportunity availed itself.

Why I Admire Them

So why would I admire the Left, with its horrific history, abominable failures, irrational positions, and dishonest agenda?

Imagine if you were a marketing firm tasked with promoting the Left, with its terrible past, its failed and irrational policies, and its initiatives built on dishonesty. That challenge would seem insurmountable. Amazingly, the Left has devised ways of doing that.

They have achieved this by developing unity and a unified strategy.

They displayed unity, for example, in passing ObamaCare, by getting all of their members of Congress on board, even though a large segment of the American people was opposed to this legislation. By way of contrast, Republicans have not been able to achieve unity in repealing it, despite popular support and even demand. Likewise, when a liberal get himself in trouble, the Left quickly circles the wagons, providing a unified front in support of their endangered member. Conservatives, to the contrary, can’t find a microphone fast enough to deplore the actions of their embattled colleague.

The strategy of the Left has included gaining control of the news and entertainment media, our public and higher educational systems, the judiciary, and other aspects of our society that shape public option and culture and are not easily accessible to the will of the voter. By gaining almost total control of these venues they have amassed the power to rewrite history and recreate present reality, which allows them to sell their program and demonize the Right, while silencing conservatives so as to prevent exposure of their duplicity.

I admire the skill, discipline, shrewdness, and other characteristics displayed by the Left in being able to popularize their bankrupt program.

In contrast, conservatives, who possess a successful, rational agenda, which is supported by reality and consequently should be an easy sell, are constantly losing battles that they should be winning. This failure can be traced to their lack of unity and failure to develop an effective strategy.

The good news is that our program is immensely easier to sell than theirs. The bad news is that unless we soon develop unity and an effective strategy the Left will close off all opportunity to do so. If we are going to defeat them, we need to start now.

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