The Silencing of the Right and the Christian Solution

Those on the Right have no right to express their position.

This reality displayed itself graphically in the recent furor by the media over Pres. Trump’s response to the Charlottesville incident. His observation that all sides behaved badly connoted that both those on the Left and the Right contributed to this tragedy. Though this was obviously true and a valid reality for a president to stress, he had crossed the sacred line, suggesting that any contingent on the Left had done something wrong. This transgression was met by a ferocious media assault, requiring the President several times to make a restatement that highlighted the problems with the Right and ignoring those with the Left.

That is the way it works. Let anyone point out problems with the Left, and they will be punished so severely that they and anyone else will not dare to point out liberal flaws. When even the Pres. of the United States is required to follow this rule, we understand how deeply entrenched and how aggressively enforced it has become.

The end result is the creation of a culture that silences the Right while giving the views of the Left free reign, creating the resulting impression that the positions of the Left are rational, valid, and virtually universally accepted while those of the Right represent racism and ignorance which are held only by a small minority of uneducated bigots.

Kirsten Powers, an honest old-school type liberal that is committed to the true meaning of the term, wrote a book entitled The Silencing: How the Left Is Killing Free Speech. In it she includes numerous incidents demonstrating the cultural tendency described above at work in the media, silencing anyone dissenting from the template of the Left. I recommend this book to anyone doubting the existence of this trend and the harshness with which it is implemented.

Of course, university campuses, supposedly the home of free thought and speech, constitutes the environment in which opinions of the Right are banned most aggressively.

The presence of this culture explains why the election of Donald Trump was such a shock. As a candidate he ran on a slate of conservative ideas: pro-life, stopping illegal immigration, a strong military, lower taxes, etc. Because of the cultural bias described above, he was portrayed as a laughingstock not to be taken seriously, and his supporters were likewise ridiculed as fools. The polls, which are consistently biased to support the positions of the Left, were even more skewed due to the resulting reticence of people to publicly identify with Trump. However, in the privacy of the voting booth where they were permitted to express their position without censure, they displayed their support of Trump’s conservative agenda.

This arrangement of stifling the voice of the Right distorts reality, creating the impression that most Americans are liberal when this is not the case. The Left’s objective in establishing and maintaining this arrangement is to cower people to join the Left by creating the impression that this is what every other thinking and unbiased person is doing.

Because elections are not held in many venues such as corporations, in these arenas the positions of those on the Right are totally silenced. Recently a Google employee sent an email to some of his friends that expressed some conservative positions. From all indication, the writer is a liberal, but his email expressed concerns regarding company policies that made him appear to be supporting conservative positions. His transgression of saying anything that appears to support positions of the Right, regardless of how factual, according to current cultural rules had to be punished and it was. He was fired.

This arrangement in effect robs those on the Right of free speech. If no one, Right or Left, was allowed to express their opinions in the workplace, this may represent a legitimate practice. The company just wants to minimize hostility. However, silencing the opinion of one orientation while allowing that of the other borders on an Orwellian arrangement.

The greatest problem with this culture calculated to silence the Right is that it allows the errors of the Left to go uncontested. Banning Pres. Trump from informing the nation that not only the KKK and neo-Nazis are disrupting our society, but so are Black Lives Matter and Antifa leaves American citizens living under a false reality. Consequently, negative and unethical forces go unidentified and unchallenged.

It is important for evangelical Christians to be aware of and respond to this trend because ultimately positions on the Right are biblical ones. In fact, a compelling case can be made that this is the reason for hostility toward them. Ultimately assaults of the Left are assaults against the God of the Bible, the rules of life that He has established, and the people who embrace and seek to propagate them. Therefore, this cultural silencing of the Right ultimately comprises the silencing of Christians. This silencing of Christian speech is resulting in the diminishing of places in which Christians are free to share their faith or express their opinions.

I provide a solution to this silencing of Christians in my book, Counterattack: Why Evangelicals Are Losing the Culture War and How They Can Win.

Some take the position that evangelicals should do nothing in response to this situation, believing that our sole concerns should be evangelism and discipleship and that persecution is our lot in life. The resulting inactivity constricts our opportunity for evangelism, allows the Left to propagate its lies unchallenged and advance its agenda unrestrained, and consigns our children to a world dominated by the degradation of the Left. The greater the stranglehold the Left gains on our society, the more difficult it becomes to remedy this situation. How tragic that the Left is free to impose its godless strategy because of our indifference and inertia, when the Lord has provided us with all the resources necessary to win the culture war.

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