What is Europe thinking?

Historically we have viewed Europe as intellectual and sophisticated. Therefore, it can be puzzling to watch European nations committing societal suicide by inviting in hordes of Muslims to rape their women, commit mass murder, and take over their countries. Why would intelligent nations follow such an seemingly irrational course?

The answer: they are seeking to solve a problem and employing a misguided solution to do so.

The problem begins with the European practice of killing off their population by abortions. To sustain itself, a society must reproduce at a rate of 2.1 children per couple. Because of abortion, most European countries are falling substantially short of that number. Consequently, societal survival demands replacements for these murder children. European leaders see the solution in importing rapidly multiplying Muslims.

Another solution would be for these societies to stop killing their babies. That seems, however, to be an unthinkable alternative in most European countries.

This need for population replacement brings us to Europe’s misconception. As secular humanists they are convinced that their Christian heritage provided them with nothing unique, that one religion is as good or as bad as another. Therefore, Muslim immigrants will work just fine as replacements for population raised in a Christian cultural context. Europe’s humanistic leaders are so committed to this conclusion that faced with rape, mass murder, no-go zones, and myriad other problems posed by Muslim immigrants they respond by doubling down on their humanistic, ideologically-driven program.

One implication of Brexit may have been that England’s common people are more cognizant of the value of their Christian heritage than their leaders. The bottom line is that Jesus brings vast value to culture. Obama decimated America because of his ignorance of that reality. America’s anti-Christian Left would do well to learn from Europe’s tragedy.

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