The Culture War, President Trump, and the Evangelical Community

The first step in winning the culture war entails identifying the enemy. Ultimately, the enemy does not consist of any person or group of people but a cultural orientation.

Scholars have rightfully asserted that America has entered a post-Christian era. The enemy, the force destroying America, consists of the post-Christian culture of the 60s introduced by the Baby Boomers that has replaced America’s traditional Christian culture. Winning the culture war requires eradicating that culture and restoring our previous Christian culture.

I view President Trump as a special gift from God to America, the answer to many prayers for our nation. I say that because he possesses a collage of rare qualities that enabled him to win the election and that are enabling him to reverse much of the disaster created by Barack Obama. He has a keen intellect, a record of success, a strong and winsome personality, familiarity with news and entertainment media, international experience, a broad array of powerful and influential friends, and many billions of dollars. I do not believe any other candidate could have beat Hillary Clinton, nor could they have withstood the vast incoming fire from every direction sustained by President Trump, who has not only has managed to deflect these assaults but has also aggressively counterattacked.

However, he possesses one other quality vitally necessary for winning the culture war: the fact that in reality he is not a member of the Baby Boomer generation. Being born in 1946 positions him at the very beginning edge of that generation, but various factors in his history prevented him from becoming a card-carrying member.

Apparently his parents were traditional Americans and disciplinarians who had no intention of allowing him to do his own thing or to do what feels good. Rather, his parents ensured that he was in Sunday school. I know that for a fact because I knew his Sunday school teacher personally. His father sent him to military school. He then attended Wharton and entered the world of business, which demanded that he lived in the world of reality and exercise discipline and responsibility. He does not drink, smoke, or do drugs, practices that further remove him from a Baby Boomer orientation. He manifests many traditional American values that diverge from the 60s mentality such as patriotism, belief in American exceptionalism, and appreciation for America’s Christian heritage. Some may point to his marital record as an indicator of a Boomer orientation, but other generations have manifested similar records, especially those inhabiting the cosmopolitan world in which his business success positioned him.

It is truly remarkable in this day and age that a man of his credentials could emerge as a presidential candidate who has escaped the influence of the 60s culture. This quality is of paramount importance because, as noted above, the 60s culture constitutes America’s ultimate enemy. Virtually all of Obama’s initiatives reflected that orientation, from his globalist tendencies to his transgender bathroom policies. Therefore, undoing Obama’s fundamental transformation of America requires someone fundamentally dissociated from that orientation.

As such, President Trump is undoing many government policies reflecting the 60s culture, thus restoring some traditional American values.

We must, however, acknowledge the limitations of President Trump in restoring traditional American Christian culture. He works in the arena of government policy. Many elements of that culture reside outside the scope of the political arena, such as the promotion of a wide range of unbiblical sexual practices, sensual entertainment, lack of discipline of children in the home and school, acceptance of vulgar and blasphemous language, and diminished church attendance.

Only the church can restore these and other aspects of Christian culture.

Doing so will first require that the evangelical church in America purge itself of the influences of 60s culture. I have written about the infiltration of evangelical Christianity by the 60s culture in my book Counterattack: Why Evangelicals Are Losing the Culture War and How They Can Win. That book also explains the need for the evangelical community to form a united front, identify leadership, and develop a strategy in order to fight the culture war successfully,

God has been good to America in miraculously providing a President qualified to undo the influence of the 60s culture and restore traditional American values in the political arena. However, it is incumbent on the evangelical church to do its part in restoring Christian culture. Currently the evangelical church is failing to meet that responsibility, especially in its continued corruption by a 60s orientation, fragmentation instead of unity in fighting the culture war, and lack of a comprehensive strategy. Unless evangelicals take the initiative to correct these deficiencies, the contribution of Donald Trump will be limited and short-lived. Consider that the good influence of Ronald Reagan was undone in several decades.

The major question confronting the evangelical church today is whether we will squander this opportunity to restore American Christian culture or do our part to win the culture war. The Obama administration brought us perilously close to the precipice. In His provision of President Trump, God may be giving us our last chance.

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  1. Tim Ferguson says:

    But President Trump, although allegedly a Presbyterian, shows nothing in his life or statements that he is a man of any degree of faith!!

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