Scripture as Life Source

A previous post asserted that American success stemmed from a culture rooted in Scripture. What about Scripture produces societal greatness? Scripture transforms societies by engendering light, life, and love. That article explained Scripture’s capacity to produce light, valid information unavailable from other sources.

Scripture also instills life into individuals and society, i.e. it injects spiritual energy that empowers people to form godly character. Jesus said, “The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life. “ (John  6:63) Likewise, Hebrews 4:14 tells us that “the word of God is living and active….” Consequently, reading Scripture not only provides information but also empowerment.

Harry Truman, not noted as being especially religious, nonetheless stated, “When I was young, I read the Bible through many times.” Though Lincoln at time was less than supportive of Christianity, His biographers agree that the Bible was “a book that…he had read and studied assiduously since his youth.” Likewise, practically every American during the earlier days of our nation experienced substantial exposure to Scripture. Until 1963 when the Supreme Court banned Bible reading in public schools, in many if not most classrooms the day began by reading Scripture.

Though the Bible engenders life by conveying the gospel, which when received produces spiritual rebirth, it provides a level of spiritual vitality to all who read it. Consequently, until America adopted a post-Christian culture in the 1960s, our nation enjoyed a broad-based, high level of spiritual energy, resulting in individual and national character, which in turn spawned American greatness.

Many social analysts agree that since the 60s America’s national character has eroded, resulting in our functioning at a banana republic level. Only if once more we become avid readers of Scripture will America possess the internal strengths required to be great again.

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