Why Scripture Engenders Success

My previous post asserted that the Bible provided the foundation for traditional American culture and that this scriptural foundation engendered success.

This assertion prompts the question, “What about Scripture produces such dramatic positive results?” In short, the Bible provides three success-inducing commodities: light, life, and love. This and the following two articles discuss scriptural production of these three commodities.

By “light,” I am referring to valid information or truth.

Many in contemporary American society contend we can derive truth by employing the scientific method. We can to a degree. Scientific research can provide valid information regarding superficial aspects of life such as principles of engineering and medicine.

However, the scientific method fall short in analyzing more profound aspects of life for numerous reasons. First, many of them include more variables than science can adequately accommodate. For example, marriage relationships and child-rearing are too complex for science to analyze effectively. Scripture provides us with the underlying principles that make these relationships successful. Since the family comprises the building block of society, these principles engender societal success.

Science is also limited by the inaccessibility of much information. Despite its attempts, information regarding origins is beyond its reach. Likewise regarding how history will terminate. Also inaccessible to science are realities related to the human heart. Only Scripture can tell us how we got here, why we are here, how we should live while we are here, and where we are going when we leave—the most significant aspects of life.

Also science is corrupted by human bias. Exposure of fudged numbers related to global warming provides just one example.

America enjoyed success because it gleaned direction from the light of Scripture regarding life’s salient issues. We need guidance by that same light in order to achieve future success.

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