A Letter to President Trump regarding the Freedom Caucus

Dear President Trump,

I am writing this as an open letter because I believe that the sentiments it expresses reflect the views of the majority of your most avid supporters.

Your candidacy for President ignited a tsunami of enthusiasm among grassroots Americans because for many years we have been feeling a high level of frustration over many issues confronting our country, but we have had no one representing us, no one with the desire or courage to express our concerns or the power to implement correctives. We have loved and supported you because you have met both of those deeply felt needs.

You have fearlessly disregarded political correctness, instead speaking the truth regarding the problems confronting America. You have divulged the disasters resulting from illegal immigration and committed to building the wall. You have courageously exposed the dishonesty of the news media and have used your capacities to convey the truth to the American people. Likewise, you have fearlessly exposed many of the other lies of RINOs and the Left and the disastrous policies resulting from them, and you have promised to implement remedies.

You possess an engaging personality and a brilliant mind. You have displayed an amazing work ethic and a great capacity to get things done. Though we appreciate you for these qualities, our profound, enthusiastic support is rooted in the factors mentioned earlier, your courage to openly state the problems of our country and the conviction and capacity to fix them. Ultimately that is why we love you so deeply and back you so ardently. These constitute the reasons we have attended your rallies, publicly expressed our commitment to you (even in the face of ridicule), voted for you, advanced your candidacy and presidency on social media and in other venues, and have prayed fervently for you and your family since you announced your candidacy at Trump Tower on June 16, 2016.

Because our commitment to you is founded on our total confidence that you would represent us in the White House, advancing the causes on which you candidated, we found ourselves confused and concerned when you so aggressively backed Paul Ryan’s anemic plan falsely claiming to repeal and replace ObamaCare. Every genuinely conservative source in our country told us that Ryan’s plan did not fulfill your campaign promise to repeal and replace. Even Charles Krauthammer referred to it as “ObamaCare lite.” We would have expected support of this plan had Jeb Bush won the election, but we never anticipated that you would join forces with the RINOs, reneging on your campaign agreement with your base. However, because of our high level of enthusiasm for you and confidence that somehow you ultimately would keep your word, we continued our enthusiastic support.

Our confidence, though, was further shaken when you began to attack the Freedom Caucus. We found this deeply disconcerting because the bill they were advancing represents our position and the one on which you ran. Furthermore, these people represent who we are in the House of Representatives. Just as we have been enthusiastic about you because of the positions on which you campaigned, we have been enthusiastic about them for doing likewise. Therefore, we take personally your castigation of them and threats leveled at them.

Our concern goes even deeper. Your willingness to throw our friends overboard and join with our enemies mandates that we question whether you have genuinely been one of us, or whether you only used us to get elected. We are believing that this is not the case. We continue to maintain confidence in your integrity. However, further attacks against the Freedom Caucus and future alignment with RINOs against them and against us will seriously erode that confidence.

In closing I would like to describe the price you would pay if you continue to abandon your base in favor of the ruling class.

For years the RINOs have thrown us under the bus, assuming that the only options available to us were voting for them or for hard Left Democrat candidates. We have proved them wrong. We have a third option, which is to stay home on Election Day. Though doing so was unwise, we even stayed home during the 2012 presidential election because we lacked motivation to vote for Mitt Romney, allowing Barack Obama a second term. Your election resulted from our unbounded enthusiasm for you and your platform. If you continue to undercut that enthusiasm, you might get enough loyal supporters to fill stadiums, but you will discover that insufficient numbers of us will turn out in 2020 to give you a second term.

In that regard, you may feel that you can threaten Freedom Caucus Representatives because you won handily in their districts, believing that your coattails precipitated their election. Consider, however, that you might have won those districts by a significant margin because you were candidating on the platform advocated by the Freedom Caucus, and those districts were committed to that platform. If you continue to align yourself with the RINO agenda, you may find that in future elections those districts will continue to support them and not you.

We are grateful for all that you have done so far, for the jobs that you are bringing to our country, for supporting miners, for clearing the way for the Keystone Pipeline, for a solid Supreme Court candidate, for the drastic reduction in illegal immigration, for reversing Obama’s transgender order, and many other great achievements accomplished in a very short time. We continue to believe in you. However, please do not attack the Representatives comprising the Freedom Caucus, who represent your base and comprise your only real friends in Washington. If advisers are encouraging you in this direction, we plead with you to employ your old Apprentice line, “You’re fired.” Please do not require us to choose between the Freedom Caucus and you. They represent our position—one you assured us was yours also. If you persist, ultimately we will choose them.

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