Our Performance Matters to God— As Citizens

A contemporary evangelical teaching asserts that our performance as believers does not affect our relationship with God. We are told that when God looks on us He does not see our performance but the righteousness of Christ.

While it is true that we are not saved by our performance but Christ’s, many teachings of the New Testament demonstrate that in our ongoing relationship with God our performance does matter to Him. This and following posts discuss some of them.

When we are saved we become citizens of the Kingdom of God. Citizens are required to obey the precepts of their nation. Imagine a mayor telling the town people, “We have a number of statutes on the books, but we will be just as pleased with you regardless of whether or not you observe them.” Before long few would pay property taxes, people would litter, and drivers would run red lights.

We have seen this disregard for the law played out with the Obama administration refusing to enforce immigration laws and in general ignoring the Constitution. His actions have resulted in placing our country in financial jeopardy and governmental chaos.

The primary precept of the Kingdom of God is the law of love. In John 13:34 Jesus commands us to love one another. It matters to God if we keep this law because failing to do so hurts people and creates chaos in His kingdom.

The New Testament includes numerous other imperatives. We might see all of them as more specific expressions of the law of love. For example, it is more loving to tell the truth than to lie or to be faithful in marriage than to cheat.

Fulfilling our role as citizens of God’s kingdom matters to Him.

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