God’s Program for Change—Functioning Effectively as CEO

My “one minute” posts this week address the issue of God’s program for change. This begins with the foundation of salvation, next building a superstructure on that foundation by means of discipleship, and then as adult believers committing ourselves to function as CEO of our lives, with the objective of producing maximum profit for the Lord.
These elements of God’s program engender spiritual wellness, which empowers us to make beneficial changes.
This is especially the case regarding our role as CEO. Pursuing and fulfilling God’s purpose not only produces fruitfulness for the Lord, but also provides us with meaning and fulfillment, which breathes health and well-being into our personalities, which in turn provides impetus for effecting wholesome changes.
Think of it from the negative perspective. God designed human beings to need a purpose for living. The person without one tends to feel empty and worthless. Therefore, he seeks to fill that void with unhealthy commodities. Some of these might be inherently neutral, such as entertainment, but these empty needy persons soon become excessive consumers. This leads to pursuit of unwholesome means of fulfillment such as bad relationships, sensual entertainment, excessive spending, gambling, excessive eating, and pornography.
Consequently, the best corrective for bad habits resides in effective management of our lives for the Lord.
Of course, this purpose for living is not necessarily related to how we support ourselves. It may be, as in the case of pastors and missionaries. However, more often than not God’s people find God’s purpose for the lives in activities unrelated to their livelihood.
Regardless of what that purpose might be, as we identify it and engage in it effectively, doing so enhances our well-being, thus providing the strength and vitality required to make wholesome changes.

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