God’s Place in the Change Industry

Many American businesses offer to help you change for a charge.

The diet industry promises for a price to transform you from your current state into the skinny self of your dreams. Then the health club industry stands ready to put on muscle you envision yourself displaying. The therapeutic profession offers to facilitate inner change by helping you shed habits that induce failure, transforming you into the powerful personality you were meant to be. Want more comprehensive transformation? You can hire a life coach to guide you through the process. So the list could continue of enterprises designed to facilitate change.

Two factors have propelled the proliferation of the change industry. First, almost all of us want to change something. Chances are, you desperately desire alteration of some aspect of your life

This leads to the second reason for the prevalence of change enterprises. Change comes hard. If we have been a certain weight, have struggled with certain fears, have certain habits embedded in our lifestyle, precipitating lasting change is difficult.

Now for the good news. God is in the change business. In fact, He has been at it for some time. His program is unique in that He does not charge, even for handling and shipping. Even better, His program includes the Holy Spirit, who provides the power necessary to transform us into the persons God designed us to be.

I plan to devote my upcoming “One Minute articles” (299 words or less) to biblical principles of change. I post them Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 4pm Eastern Time at www.hopethatsreal.com.  (On Wednesday at 4 pm I post a longer weekly article.) If you are pursuing a new you, I hope you will read them. God offers genuine hope and change.

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