Biblical Proof That Men Don’t Ask for Directions

Most men have been subjected to considerable ridicule for not asking for directions. Is this accusation valid? Sad to say, it finds support in Scripture.

Joshua is credited with a near perfect record in leading Israel to take the Promised Land. His record is marred by only one slip-up. Israel was commanded to destroy all the population of the land to prevent pollution by the idolatry of its inhabitants. Because of Israel’s success in battle, the Gibeonites, to avoid annihilation, put on old clothes and took moldy bread to trick the Israelites into believing they lived beyond the borders of the Promise Land, therefore making it okay for Israel to engage in a treaty with them.

In response, we read this: “So the men took some of their provisions, but did not ask counsel from the LORD.” (Joshua 9:14). This failure to ask directions resulted in Israel entering into a treaty unadvisedly. Can’t you hear their wives now? “I told you to stop and ask directions.”

How I regret the times that I have failed to stop and ask directions from the Lord. I would have been spared a lot of grief.

Though these bad experiences have not completely cured me of impulsive decision-making, I think I’m doing better. When my cell phone rings, as I pull it out of my pocket I find myself asking the Lord to guide the conversation. Likewise with other situations, especially ones requiring a decision. I am discovering that life goes much better when I get directions from the Lord.

How about getting directions when I am driving? My GPS spares me from a lot of grief, though my wife still finds occasion to remind me that at least in one way I emulate Joshua.

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