A Hopeful Thought for America

The New Testament speaks of “the Jews” both in reference to the Jewish people and the Jewish leadership. This conveys that a nation and its leadership are closely identified.

This reality has significant implications for America, especially since as a democracy we choose our leadership.

Currently our society is divided between those desiring the reinstatement of our past Christian culture that reflects the precepts and morality of the Bible, and those advocating a godless, immoral worldview hostile to our Christian past and seeking to eradicate it through educational and media indoctrination and flooding our nation with immigrants that do not share our past biblical values.

Obama represents the latter. Choosing him for two terms said something very negative about our country, conveying that a large segment of our society embraces the godless worldview he advocated. The old adage, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” applies.

The good news emerges in the repudiation during our recent election of all that Obama represents. As he became more strident in revealing his agenda during his second term, the American people asserted through the election outcome, “That is not who we are.”

President Trump’s speech to Congress resonated with the America people, as reflected in 76% approval ratings, because he represents traditional American culture. This is a “Merry Christmas,” “Keep the men out of the girls’ shower rooms,” “support Israel and not Iran” kind of President. His presence before Congress engendered a “home at last” response from the nation. We identified with decency, honesty, and responsibility.

Remember, however, that the large segment of Americans that elected Obama twice still controls our educational system, media, and in large measure our judicial system. The fight to restore America’s Christian culture has only begun.

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