In Nothing Give Thanks

Or at least this seems to be the human tendency.

Try this experiment. On the next beautiful, comment to someone, “Beautiful day, isn’t it?” Odds are you will get a response such as, “Yes, but we sure need rain,” or “Yes, but some bad weather’s coming tomorrow.” Don’t even think about being grateful for a rainy day. At best you will get that stare conveying, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

This year North Carolina has enjoyed a beautiful winter, somewhat warmer than normal. In thanking the Lord for this blessing one typical response has been, “I’ll bet you this summer is going to be really hot.”

And these are only responses related to the weather. Imagine the reactions to the vicissitudes of the stock market. We are already getting dire warnings of the coming negative adjustment to the Trump rally.

Human beings seem to work overtime creating ways to be unthankful for God’s blessings.

In contrast, Scripture commands, “In everything give thanks.” Why is doing so important?

First, it is polite to acknowledge the kindness of another. We tend to forget that God is a personality with feelings, and as such He appreciates our gratitude. Consequently, gratitude helps cultivate our relationship with Him.

Also, thanksgiving enhances our own well-being by forcing us to find the good God has embedded in every situation of life for His people. Searching for and discovering the positive aspects of life instead of focusing on the negative ones boosts emotional health. It also makes life more pleasant for those around us.

Also, finding cause for thanks in everything increases our faith because it encourages us to embrace the truth of Romans 8:28 that God is working all things together for our good.

How is the weather where you are?

One comment on “In Nothing Give Thanks
  1. Beth Stembridge says:

    Thank you for this perspective. I never really thought of those responses as being ungrateful but in reality they are because they show a discontentedness. “Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say, “It is well, it is well with my soul.”

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