Making the Lord Our Praise

Deuteronomy 10:21 reads, “He is your praise, and He is your God, who has done for you these great and awesome things….” In the context Moses is rehearsing the blessing of the Lord on Israel and in consequence instructs them to make Him their praise.

What has the Lord done for us that we should make Him our praise? Immediately we think of the redemption provided through Christ with its present and future blessings. That gift reminds me of one of those figures that when opened contains another similar figure, which in turn contains another one. Fully appreciating the extent to which God is our praise requires our continuous unpacking of the blessings contained in salvation.

One of those packages consists of the superior lifestyle God circumscribes for His children and the power to practice that lifestyle. Though we appropriate it imperfectly, it nonetheless provides us with an existence far superior to those without Christ, enabling us to enjoy a life of decency, order, responsibility, and success.

The primary reason America enjoyed so much prosperity across the years was the influence of Christian culture, and the primary reason for our decline resides in the abandonment of that Christian heritage. Had we made the Lord our praise, crediting Him for American “exceptionalism” and in response remaining faithful to Him, our nation would not be experiencing its present degeneration.

This superior lifestyle that God provides His children calls to question the self-description of those sharing the gospel as “one beggar telling another where to get the bread.” We once were beggars, but thanks the Lord we are no more. Instead of false humility, we must make God our praise for all He has done for us, and tell others what He can do for them.

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