How the Left Imposes Fake Truth on America

Previous posts assert that the Left not only propagates fake news but an entire fake worldview. Liberals prevent exposure of their fraud by suppressing the two sources of genuine truth: rational analysis of empirical data and Scripture.

How do they impose their fakery on us?

First, they gained control over our major means of communication, the news and entertainment media and public and higher education. They use these sources to present the fake concepts comprising their fake worldview as being self-evident, compelling, scientifically established, and universally accepted. They do not try to demonstrate that their fake truth is valid because on a level playing field they cannot. Though they do have an array of fake research prepared to trot out if needed, their primary approach is to present their positions as established fact needing no further proof. For anyone to think otherwise is unthinkable.

But should some misinformed person dare to think differently, he is made to appear as the only one in the universe so foolish as to disagree. He is branded as totally clueless, deserving of exposure, shame, and punishment. The Left uses the power of media, educational institutions, business leaders, and the courts to disgrace and punish anyone stepping out of line, be it a grandmother selling flowers or the governor of North Carolina who was so foolish as to believe that girls should not be forced to take showers with men.

Through this strategy, fake truth becomes real truth that everyone agrees with, and the unfortunate few who disagree meet a well-deserved, untimely demise.

This use of power to transform fake truth into real truth is not new with the Left. George Orwell anticipated this strategy in 1984. The Left serves America as the “Ministry of Truth.”

One comment on “How the Left Imposes Fake Truth on America
  1. Tim Ferguson says:

    As a Christian youth leader for 35 years and a student of the Bible I try to avoid politics in my church work. I respect people’s opinions even if I disagree. What I have personally struggled with are acts that separate citizens rather than include them. Some of my most committed youth to things we did were Afrikan Americans and youth of Indian ascent. Will you join me in calling for our leaders to speak out for inclusiveness and acceptance in this great country that became great because, in the past, our immigrant relatives were accepted and brought ingenuity and faith to our country? Can you do this? Thank you

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