The Left’s War against the Bible

I have been asserting that the Left not only propagates fake news, but an entire fake worldview. My previous post makes the point that truth can be discovered through rational analysis of empirical data. In order to protect its fake worldview from exposure, the Left suppresses true data and accurate rational analysis through many means such as dumbed down education and fake research.

God has supplied us with a more foundational source of truth in Scripture. Rational analysis of empirical data can provide truth related to more superficial issues. For example, my last post noted that crime rate increases with stringent gun control. However, it cannot divulge foundational truths such as principles of human nature, morality, and our purpose for living. God reveals these more basic truths in the Bible.

Scriptural truths expose even more directly the fraudulent nature of the liberal worldview. The truths of Scripture opposes diametrically virtually every tenet of liberal fake truth.

Consequently, in order to maintain its fake worldview, the Left must silence Scripture by assaulting every entity that embraces and propagates it. Therefore, liberals makes war on Christians and Jews, historic repositories of Scripture, and especially attack any efforts to disseminate scriptural truths.

Their battle against Scripture manifested itself in the Johnson Amendment in 1954, which denied pastors free speech in addressing political issues. It showed itself in the Supreme Court decision in 1963 to ban Scripture from schools. Liberals continue their efforts to purge every vestige of Scripture from our educational system. It reveals itself in assaults by the Left against any manifestation of Scripture in the public square such as the inscription of the Ten Commandments on public buildings.

Jesus said it best. “Men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil.”

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