Where Do We Get Truth?

My previous post asserted that the Left not only produces fake news, but that the entire worldview of the Left is constructed of fake truth.

We can only expose fake truth if we possess real truth. We need the standard of real truth against which to measure fake truth in order to demonstrate its error. If the media say that voter fraud does not exist, we must establish the truth that it does in order to expose the media’s claim to be erroneous. How do we do that?

One means of identifying truth resides in our God-given capacity to gather empirical evidence and to analyze it rationally, i.e. the scientific method. For example, if we identify the number of voters in a precinct and count the number of votes, and if in analyzing that data we discovered that votes cast exceeded the number of voters residing in the precinct, we arrive at the truth that voter fraud exists.

Empirical evidence and reason can reveal countless and substantially more complex truths related to science, engineering, medicine, law enforcement, and even human nature. For example, analysis of the data reveals that greater prevalence of gun ownership results in less crime, or that cohabitation prior to marriage correlates with higher divorce rates.

Because rational analysis of data reveals truth, to maintain its fake reality the Left must suppress that process. It does so in education by minimizing learning of data and development of rational skills. It employs many other tactics to suppress rational analysis of data such as creating fake data using fake science.

Though the Left touts itself as being intellectually superior, it employs this bravado to cover up its intellectual bankruptcy. Its fake worldview cannot sustain the scrutiny of truth established through rational analysis of data.

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  1. Larry Baird says:

    Thanks much for this information! I am amazed at how much actual truth can be found today, especially on the internet. If you are patient and diligent, you can find a multitud of truth there. On the other hand, there is much false information and people are willing to embrace what they read first or what is spoon-fed to them. We really need to get back to the basics of empirical investigation in order to correct many of the problems in our worldview. I have enjoyed reading G.A. Henty historical novels written many years ago because they give so much solid information about historical events of the past. Thanks again! Here is a link for Henty, sorry for the promo, I couldn’t resist! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G._A._Henty

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