Fake Truth—A Real Threat

Pres. Trump devoted a significant segment of his news conference yesterday to exposing fake news, and rightfully so because there is plenty of it.

Even worse, virtually every element of the worldview of the Left is fake. For example, global warming has been exposed as being supported by fake science. Advocates of the evolutionary hypothesis bar Intelligent Design from the classroom because they know that macroevolution will be exposed as a fake theory. The fake premises of liberal economics manifests itself in skyrocketing debt. The bankruptcy of fake liberal social theories shows itself in the demise of the American family. The Left’s fake theory on gun control is exposed by the atrocious Chicago murder rate, a city with strict gun control laws. Obama passed his health care bill on the fake promises that you can keep your plan and your doctor and the costs will go down. Fake liberal judges assigned to uphold the Constitution instead implement their own agenda. The Left has spent vast amounts of money constructing a fake educational system that produces some of the worst outcomes among Western nations.

Virtually everywhere you stick the probe into the world of the Left you discover fakery.

This comprises a very serious situation because success results from truth. True news and true education enable people to make informed decisions. True economics brings prosperity. True social theories, perspectives on gun control, and concepts of marriage and family produce societal stability and well-being. True perspectives on healthcare support physical wellness. A judicial system utilizing true constitutional law produces justice.

Americans are encouraged by a president who is seeking to drain our national swamp of fakery and reestablish truth. His greatest challenge results from the hysteria erupting from the fakers he is exposing.

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  1. Michael Dono says:

    San Shepard from Fox News…you know the “only ” media ” that tells the truth….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6zHY3C6Vwk

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