Who Would Jesus Deport?

A sign bearing that slogan appeared at a rally protesting government crackdown on illegal immigration. This allusion to the “What would Jesus do?” slogan was intended as a rhetorical question. Certainly Jesus would never deport anyone. That conclusion seems so self-evident that even a segment of the evangelical community endorses it.

However, this assumption suggests several other rhetorical questions that prevent it from appearing quite so rhetorical:

  • Would Jesus oppose a nation establishing and enforcing just laws?
  • Would Jesus allow illegal immigrants who are felons to run free to rape, murder, and steal from innocent people?
  • Would Jesus forcibly take money from hard-working people in a society to support illegals not belonging to that society?
  • Would Jesus oppose the efforts of a nation to maintain economic and societal order?

Our government has allowed the illegal immigration problem to fester for so long that it will require substantial wisdom to untangle the resulting mess. However, the position that Jesus would deport no one lacks biblical support.

Further analysis raises other troubling questions about the categorical opposition of Jesus to illegal immigration. American liberals promote illegal immigration to provide the Democrat party with a permanent majority. Would Jesus favor a policy permanently empowering a party that advocates abortion, that promotes the LGBT agenda, and that in other ways assaults America’s historic Christian values and culture?

This mantra and its endorsement by some evangelicals exposes a tendency in our society to be driven by irrational slogans rather than rational analysis. Consider “A woman as a right to do what she wants with her own body,” or “You have a right to do your own thing.” We should ask ourselves, “What would Jesus do?” But determining the answer requires serious thought. This is not usually a rhetorical question.

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  1. Breath of fresh air, thank you!

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