Evangelicals Must Develop a Strategy in order to Win the Culture War

My recent posts addressed the need for evangelicals to achieve unity, appoint leadership, and employee expertise in fighting the culture war. Ultimately, the evangelical church in America must develop a strategy designed to win that war.

No war can be won without a strategy. Applying resources randomly will result in waste and defeat. Only a coordinated, well-designed plan can bring success. This is especially true as we consider the discussion in the previous post revealing that the Left does have an effective strategy that has brought them astounding success.

Currently the evangelical church has no strategy for winning the culture war. The development of such a strategy is impossible because we have no unity. Consequently, though a number of organizations are engaged in the fight, they are not large enough to win the war but only isolated battles. Therefore, for them to produce a strategy for winning the culture war would be pointless. Consequently, evangelicals continue fighting isolated battles, and though they win one occasionally, they will not result in winning the war. Unity must come first.

Once unity is achieved, the expertise identified in my previous post could be put to work developing an effective strategy.

God has provided evangelicals with sufficient resources to win the culture war, but unless we achieve unity and develop a strategy we are doomed to failure.

Ronald Reagan’s eight-year presidency brought many blessings to America but less than three decades later America found itself at a political and cultural nadir. Donald Trump’s presidency will likewise produce temporary results unless American evangelicals unify and develop a strategy for restoring Christian culture. The question confronting us is whether current evangelical leaders possess the will and initiative necessary to achieve those objectives.

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