On This Inauguration Day Please Join Me in Thanking God

Gratitude to God on this momentous occasion must begin by remembering what might have been—the abyss into which, but for the grace of God, we would have descended.

A little over two short months ago it appeared that all was lost for America. We were told that a Clinton victory was inevitable, and we knew that if that occurred she would flood our nation with illegal immigrants and expand our welfare rolls, giving the Democrats a permanent majority and bankrupting our nation. Our military would have continued to decline along with our influence around the world, leaving us a second-class nation in jeopardy of defeat and destruction. In addition, under Hillary’s watch America would have continued its moral and spiritual freefall, plunging us to third world status as a result of ethical bankruptcy.

We are deeply grateful to God at this inauguration for what He spared us from, for His grace in giving America another chance.

God has blessed us, however, far beyond just delivering us as a nation from sure catastrophe. He has given us a President who possesses qualities essential for bringing back America from the disaster into which Obama has led us and to make America great again. During the campaign many conservatives opined that in voting for Trump they were opting for the best of two bad choices. I made the case then and am more convinced today that this perspective comprises a grossly unfair characterization of Donald Trump. As I reflect on the qualities and capacities he brings to the office, I realize how uniquely fitted he is for this hour. Please consider with me just a few.

  • The point has been made that because Donald Trump largely financed his own campaign that he is not indebted to lobbyists or other politicians. This freedom to make good decisions rather than political ones has already become apparent in his cabinet appointments and other decisions, and it is desperately needed to get America back on track.
  • In large measure, Donald Trump is not a product of the 60s. He did not spend his formative years following Timothy Leary’s dictum to turn on, tune in, and drop out. Rather, his father sent him to military school, where he excelled, and he entered into the real world of business that demands living in reality and making decision based on facts. Therefore, unlike the feelings-oriented liberals who have inflicted such destruction on our nation, his approach employs rational analysis of empirical data. That is a quality desperately needed in delivering us from our current troubles and restoring American safety and prosperity.
  • Donald Trump has Christian roots and an appreciation for America’s Christian heritage. One of the Bibles on which he will place his hand when taking the oath of office was given to him by his mother when he graduated from Sunday school at the Presbyterian Church the family attended. In his “thank you” tour after his election, he made it a point to celebrate Christmas. He has selected a vice president who is a committed Christian and has built many bridges to the evangelical community. America desperately needs a president who acknowledges America’s Christian foundation and seeks to build on it.
  • Donald Trump has shown himself to be a man of his word. Our nation has watched on as so many politicians on both sides of the aisle have made and broken promises. “You can keep your doctor” and “if elected we will defund ObamaCare” being just two of countless examples. Based on his pre-inauguration activities, from all indications Trump plans to do exactly what he promised to do— a quality we desperately need in our President.
  • In keeping with being a man of his word, Donald Trump is also a person of action— a man who gets things done. Some have asserted that he has accomplished more for America prior to entering office than Obama did in eight years. A good case could be made for that assertion. It has been heartening to watch as even prior to assuming the power of the office necessary to accomplish his objectives, he has made a positive impact on the economy, salvaged and created American jobs, and otherwise exercised his influence to begin advancing his agenda for making America great again.
  • He is a man of boundless energy, getting up early in the morning and working until late at night. He seems indefatigable and as a result motivates those around him to function at a higher level of productivity. America can use a lot of that right now, especially in government.
  • He is a unifier. The Left has tried to characterize him as a bigot, but they know that just the opposite is true. He has already worked hard to bring disparate segments of American society together, for example, meeting with Silicon Valley leaders (who give evidence of being incurable liberals) and seeking to build bridges to the black community. I am convinced that during his time in office he will bring America together again, an outcome which most Americans desire deeply.
  • Donald Trump is committed to Israel. After the anti-Israeli policies of the past eight years, America needs a president who will restore our relationship with our best ally in the Middle East. Thankfully, God has met that need in the person of Donald Trump.
  • The media comprises the ultimate destructive force in America. They possess and have used their power to destroy conservatives and undermine conservative causes while promoting liberalism with all its irrationality and dishonesty. They have done their destructive work unimpeded. That is, until they encountered Donald Trump. He is the first person who has displayed both the willingness and the capability to fight back and win.
  • Donald Trump loves America. His love for this country has provided the impetus for him to leave a comfortable lifestyle and a business that provided him profound fulfillment in order to subject himself to the scurrilous behavior of the media, Hollywood, liberal politicians, RINOs, and practically everyone but mainstream Americans who love this country and love Donald Trump for loving it also. His love for America drives his policy of “America first” and his objective to make America great again. How good of God to give us a new President who is not a globalist but rather has profound regard for the uniqueness and exceptionalism of the United States of America.

I am convinced that Donald Trump is God’s gift to America for such a time as this. During the years prior to his election I, along with multitudes of other Americans, prayed frequently and fervently for Trump’s election. Today please join me in thanking God for His answer.

2 comments on “On This Inauguration Day Please Join Me in Thanking God
  1. Beth Stembridge says:

    Watching the Inauguration was a breath of fresh air with a strong recognition of glory to our Lord Jesus Christ! We as Christians must not go back to sleep but remain vigilant and prayerful.

  2. Diane Ungerer says:

    Thank you Paul for all your excellent thoughts. I am thanking God along with you.

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