Christian Stewardship of Politics

I took a course at the University of Oklahoma in which the professor asked students to visualize a major objective they wanted to achieve. Then she asked, “Did you envision doing this on your own or did your plan include leveraging your efforts?”

Usually conservatives advance their agenda using their own resources while liberals do so using government money—that would be our money. Consequently, like it or not, we often fund the liberal agenda. Consider the approximate $500 million the government sends to Planned Parenthood every year. Today’s news reported that the Obama administration sent a $500 million gift to a UN affiliated climate change fund that congressional critics have labeled as a slush fund used to give handouts to foreign bureaucrats.

We may be frustrated by this liberal use of our money for their purposes. However, we have the same opportunity they do to engage politically and ensure that government money is spent to promote moral and responsible agendas. The sad reality is that they have taken the initiative to control that money and we have not. This situation is especially deplorable in light of the fact that for most of our nation’s history social conservatives have outnumbered social liberals, though recently liberals have been catching up.

It is evident that from a biblical perspective the expenditure of government money represents a stewardship issue. Christians pay taxes and liberals use those funds to advance their agendas, which means that liberals are better stewards of their political influence then conservatives, a large segment of whom are Christians.

Of course, money comprises only one dimension of government capital controlled through political engagement. How do evangelicals use their political influence to gain control of government capital? I’m planning to address that next.

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