Obama: Modern-Day Pharaoh

Think about the genius of Pharaoh.

This God that had just brought 10 supernatural plagues on his head has now divided the Red Sea with a strong east wind and is leading Israel across it on dry land.

Under those circumstances, with high banks of water on each side, does he really think that pursuing Israel into the jaws of the sea is a good idea? Obviously, God is on Israel’s side. Obviously, God is much more powerful than he is. Obviously, being in the middle of the sea between two banks of water in evident defiance to the purposes of God consigns him to certain disaster. But his animus toward Israel drives him forward nonetheless.

This brings us to Obama’s actions evidently intended for the destruction of modern-day Israel. His decision that the United States abstain on the UN Security Council Resolution 2334 assured its passage, which will result in substantial negative repercussions for Israel. It has been rumored for some time that Obama planned this action prior to leaving office as part of his obvious agenda to inflict all the destruction on Israel within his power. Some commentators believe that Obama has even more anti-Israel items on his agenda during this last week of his presidency.

It seems that Obama, like Pharaoh pursuing Israel arrogantly and irrationally into the Red Sea, has not considered ultimately who he is opposing. His hostility has led him to overlook the evidently supernatural rebirth of the Jewish nation in 1948 and the obviously supernatural survival of Israel against overwhelming military forces in 1948, and 1967 and 1973.

Obama, Pharaoh-like, may maintain the absurd belief in his own invincibility, but like Pharaoh he will find himself on the losing side in his war with the God of Israel.

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