The Love of Evangelicals for Israel

I spend a fair amount of time on Twitter, almost every day reading hundreds of the blurbs people use to describe themselves. I find them interesting because in them people concisely define who they are. My Twitter reading is selective, so most of the brief self-descriptions that I read are written by evangelicals.

I have been amazed by the significant number of these autobiographical sketches that include “pro-Israel,” indicating this to be one of the major values in their life.

Why is that? No doubt a number of factors contribute.

An obvious one resides in the fact that Jesus is a Jew, the apostles were Jewish, and most if not all of the Bible was written by Jews. Therefore, the roots of our faith are strongly embedded in the Jewish nation.

Another factor prompting this affinity of evangelicals toward the Jewish nation is found in Israel’s ongoing role in God’s program. Though one segment of the evangelical community believes that the church has replaced Israel, and that therefore God’s role for Israel as His chosen people has been terminated, a large number of evangelicals maintain that the Jews are still God’s chosen people and that their return to their homeland and their capacity to survive and thrive against all odds has resulted from God’s direct hand at work on their behalf. Consequently, this latter category of evangelicals senses something of a kindred spirit toward the nation Israel and the Jewish people.

Yet another attraction of Christians toward Israel stems from the fact that more than any other nation in the Middle East it shares our national values.

And just maybe evangelicals love Israel because as believers indwelt by the Holy Spirit God has placed that special love for this nation in our hearts.

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