Lame Duck or Donald Duck: (WWJC) Which Would Jesus Choose

In our passion for doctrinal correctness, which is a valid concern, and individual lifestyles, also an important issue, it is easy to lose sight of the importance to God of the actual good individuals do to others and the harm that they impose. Because God cares deeply about people, the help individuals extend to others or the pain they inflict is of great concern to Him.

In reflecting on benefits provided and damage done, the contrast between our outgoing and incoming presidents could hardly be greater.

Yesterday it was announced that Donald Trump negotiated for 8000 new jobs in the United States. Few things in life are more devastating to a husband or a single mom than being out of work. As a result of Trump’s efforts, 8000 American men and women, currently without an income, will be able to support their families and have their dignity restored.

Meanwhile, back at the White House, a lame-duck president is spreading global chaos. Like a wild donkey turned loose at Tiffany’s, Obama is unnecessarily aggravating the Russians and busy selling out Israel, our best friend in the Middle East. It is important not to look solely at the political pandemonium he is producing but rather to recognize the vast human suffering that potentially could result from his irresponsible behavior. We watched as Obama took similar initiatives in Libya and observed the devastating cost in human suffering and human life. Many American and those around the globe are comforted as Donald Trump has taken preemptive initiatives in order to achieve damage control.

No doubt many measures might be applied to these men, but in terms of doing good versus doing evil, I believe Jesus would favor Donald Trump.

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