A Third Good Reason for Reading through the Bible in 2017

You might as well confess—you complain about the Bible. Of course, you give your approval of the Gospel of John, and Genesis is pretty interesting.

But God has a recording in heaven of your complaints about His writing style in First and Second Chronicles. You were expecting stories like in Chronicles of Narnia, not genealogies, and you even suggested that He should have gotten some help from C.S. Lewis in writing that part.

Therefore, it is good to read through the Bible, because it is only doing so that can drag you through those lists of names, and even then there were those time when you—gasp!!—skipped over them.

Likewise, reading through the Bible will guide you through other less visited biblical terrain. When is the last time you decided, “Hey, I think I will peruse Ecclesiastes, but not before digging into Lamentations?” In fact, for some Christians most of the Old Testament is unexplored territory.

This unseemly situation calls for a revisit of 2Timothy 3:16, which declares, “All Scripture is breathed out by God and is profitable….” So even if those lists of names or seemingly obscure prophecies might not seem profitable to us, God assures us that they serve a purpose, and therefore we should slog our way through them, even if it requires some work and discipline.

Reading through the Bible in 2017 is a good idea because it could reacquaint you with some biblical landscape that you haven’t visited for a long time, or it might introduce you to some passages for the first time. The good news is that each time through we develop a little more understanding of those seemingly unsavory sections of Scripture.

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  1. Larry Baird says:

    Reading through the Bible is a wonderful practice because it teaches us how to build a basis for understanding and interpreting Scripture as well. By taking the context of Scripture into account, we avoid many errors people commonly make by taking verses out of their context. Thanks much!

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