How Good Is Contemporary American Culture?

Most people tends to think that their culture is good, if not superior. My previous post noted the negative affect on European society resulting from Muslim immigration, e.g. the rate of rape tends to skyrocket. Yet, those adhering to this culture tend to view it as superior.

We display the same inclination. Even many Christian Baby Boomers view the hippie era as the good old days, getting nostalgic about events such as Woodstock. Reality reveals otherwise. Haight-Ashbury, the epicenter of the hippie movement, degenerated into a moral pigpen characterized by drugs, promiscuous sex, rape, and pretty much every other form of degeneracy. These qualities largely permeated the entire movement.

The more profound evil of that culture resided in its philosophical orientation. It framed its two dominant principles in its two popular slogans, “You have a right to do your own thing” and “If it feels good, do it.” These mantras extend to the individual the right to behave however he chooses, and encourages him to make those choices based on feelings, which embody the worst possible guidance system.

The incongruence between this philosophy and Christianity is evident. Scripture calls us to reject our own thing, instead living according to God’s mandates. We are to be guided, not by feelings, but by scriptural principles.

This hippie philosophy now comprises the dominant force of secular culture. It has led to a world of wickedness that includes almost every form of sexual promiscuity, abortion, rampant divorce, corrupt entertainment, politics in which lying and greed have become the norm, and many other manifestations of degeneracy.

As we recognize the profound evil of American culture since the 60s, we understand why its infiltration of the evangelical church could be so devastating.

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