The Package We Keep Unpacking

What a great time of year sandwiched between Thanksgiving, when we recount all of God’s goodness to us, and Christmas, when we celebrate God’s ultimate gift. That makes it a good time to reflect on Rom. 12:1-2, where Paul calls us to present our bodies and renew our minds, motivated “by the mercies of God.”

This passage comes just as Paul culminates his description in Romans 1-11of all the blessing God has extended to us through salvation, the “mercies” that should motivate us to commitment, a renewed mind, and the resulting Christian lifestyle.

Sometimes our use of the term “salvation” makes it sound like a one dimensional gift, but as we start to unpack it, we continue to discover that it embodies an almost endless array of God’s mercies.

I have a friend who refused to give up his flip phone until has grandkids finally bought him an iPhone and shamed him into using it. The last time we were together he was in the process of realizing that phones are no longer predominantly for making calls, but that his new device provides him with unlimited resources. Likewise with God’s mercies in salvation.

Just for starters, that package includes forgiveness of sins, a new birth, eternal life, the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, adoption as children of God, membership into God’s family, the prerogatives of prayer, spiritual gifts, and a purpose for living.

As we continue to grow in our relationship with the Lord, we keep discovering new apps included in God’s salvation package, which provide us with added benefits. These mercies should give us abundant incentive to live for Him.

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