What Evangelicals MUST Do to Capitalize on Trump’s Presidency

What Evangelicals MUST Do to Capitalize on Trump’s Presidency

A Lesson from History

The Reagan presidency (1980-1988) comprised as substantial victory for evangelicals. However, four years after his leaving office Bill and Hillary Clinton arrived at the White House, bringing with them their hippy values and attitudes. Just 20 years after Reagan’s departure from office Americans elected Barack Obama, who asserted that he would fundamentally change America, and he did

The lesson is that the election of a conservative president does not produce lasting change. Long-term benefit demands the reinstitution of Christian culture, an objective ultimately only evangelicals can achieve.

The Relentless Work of the Left

This inexorable push toward the Left is produced by the aggressive and unceasing liberal initiatives that move our society in that direction. Trump’s victory has not slowed down the Left but instead has only energized them to compensate for this setback. George Soros has funded goons to protest and liberal professors have encouraged students to do the same. The goal is to convey the false message that Trump’s victory was not really the will of the American people—that his presidency is illegitimate. The Left seeks to advance the same message by it criticism of the electoral college. It is also seeks to convey the illegitimacy of Trump’s victory by its cries for a recount in Pennsylvania. It is obvious that liberals don’t actually want a recount because that would only expose their work at stuffing the ballot box and provide Trump with an even greater margin of victory.

The liberal media has also moved into full swing, criticizing Trump at every possible turn and assaulting his every conservative appointee or choice for a cabinet post. Just as they managed to paint George Bush as a complete failure, they will do all within their power to impose the same fate on Donald Trump.

The Left’s ultimate objective resides in the continued advancement of its anti-Christian, anti-American, pro-LGBT, pro-Muslim, pro-abortion, pro-globalist agenda. They are committed to maintain continued liberal control of public and higher education, which enables them to mold young minds to believe liberal propaganda. They are also intent on perpetuating liberal control of the judiciary in order to impose their policies even in the face of the will of voters to the contrary. They are resolved to perpetuate illegal immigration in order ultimately to give Democrats a perpetual majority. The bad news is that the Left possesses the societal weapons to continue to advance its agenda, even during a Trump presidency.

The Vulnerability of a Trump Administration

The euphoria engendered by Trump’s victory has left many Americans with the confidence that Donald Trump will make good on all his promises and make solid conservative decisions even in areas he did not address.

However, this is wishful thinking. From all indications, though Trump appears to be a good person in many areas, he is not experienced the new birth and is not a committed follower of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we cannot expect him to instinctively make decisions commensurate with a biblical worldview. In addition, as with any other human being, he is also susceptible to political pressure.

This susceptibility has already manifested itself in two prominent areas.

An article in Conservative Review entitled, “Betsy DeVos as education secretary: What you need to know about Trump’s pick,” reports, “DeVos fails on two key promises Trump repeatedly made to voters: ‘Get rid of Common Core’ and ‘keep education local.’” The article explains, “DeVos has adamantly supported Common Core. She’s even a board member of Jeb Bush’s Common Core-supporting education foundation (and one of its biggest donors)….” For many, assertions that DeVos has now reversed her position on this issue are not convincing.

A second area in which Trump is displaying inclinations contrary to a biblical perspective manifested itself in his selection of Peter Theil, billionaire cofounder of PayPal, to speak of the Republican Convention. During his speech Theil pronounced, “I am proud to be gay.” He has now been designated as part of Trump’s transition team.

Trump managed to appease both the evangelical and gay Republican coalitions during the campaign, but the time will come when he must deal with conflicts in the positions of these coalitions related to the transgender issue, homosexual marriage, rights of evangelicals vs. gays in participation in gay weddings, etc.  It is yet to be seen on which side of these issues Trump will land. However, he has already signaled leanings toward the LGBT agenda on 60 Minutes when asked regarding gay marriage. He responded by asserting that it is the law of the land, as if nothing more can or needs to be done, even though abortion is the law of the land and he has vowed to select judges that will take an opposing position.

What Evangelicals Must Do

As already noted, Trump, like all those in government, is susceptible to political pressure. If gays and others taking liberal positions pressure him to advance their agenda, and they will, and evangelicals do not, even under Trump’s watch American and biblical values will be eroded. And if they are eroded, during the next election he will lose the enthusiastic evangelical support he enjoyed during this one, resulting in the Left regaining the White House, this time to seal their grip on power.

What is required for evangelicals to exert political pressure. Doing so will require three factors. First, evangelical political pushback will require mobilization of the people in the pew. Though I am grateful for all those parachurch groups and organizations that engage politically in promoting biblical values, they do not provide sufficient political horsepower to defeat the Left. Denominations and churches must join in the political battle. Second, evangelicals must engage in the culture war as a unified force. We can only defeat the Left if we speak with one voice. Fragmented we will lose. Third, we must develop and implement an effective strategy. The Left has, and we must do likewise to defeat them.

Evangelicals have access to the numbers and resources to assure them of victory if they employ these advantages strategically and aggressively. Some contend that doing so is not spiritual. To them I would ask, Is it more spiritual to allow abortionist to murder babies and to give biological men access to your daughters’ shower rooms?

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