How We Must Respond to the Miracle of President Trump

How We Must Respond to the Miracle of President Trump

There can be no question that on Friday, January 20, when we watch Donald J. Trump take the oath of office we will be witnessing a miracle.

Two factors have been advanced supporting that conclusion. WorldNetDaily provides a video of David Barton and Michele Bachmann showing a chart depicting the very slim odds of a Trump victory early on election evening and then showing those odds reversing just as God’s people around the nation and even around the world were on their knees praying. I fully concur that this outcome was a direct result of God’s response to the cries of His people.

Michael Brown in an article entitled. “Donald Trump, President of the United States by the Sovereign Intervention of God,” makes the case that Trump’s victory must have been miraculous in light of all of the obstacles he had to overcome. As Brown lists those hurdles there can be little question that only God could have enabled Donald Trump to surmount them.

I believe that yet another factor graphically reveals the hand of God in Trump gaining the presidency.

No doubt those of you who along with me were totally riveted to election results from early evening until Trump’s speech in the wee hours realize that it was not an easy victory.  You recall how initially Florida appeared to be a lost cause. The hope was that the conservative Panhandle would push him over the edge, but as time wore on it started to feel like, as Yogi Berra expressed it, déjà vu all over again, a repeat of 2012. Then we watched as Trump began to catch up and finally, as the last counties came in, creep to a razor thin advantage.

We went to the same agonizing process with North Carolina. Ohio was a little more comfortable, and when Wisconsin came in it appeared that hope was morphing into reality. However, realizing that with California’s 55 going to Hillary this was not over until Trump got another big one. I recall watching Pennsylvania, my home state, seesawing back and forth, and then finally, as the more remote counties came in, giving Trump a slight but consistent lead. With 97% of the vote in he was about 1 ½ percentage points ahead, and yet for the longest time they would not call it. Shortly after 2 AM John Podesta sent the Democrat supporters home without a final outcome. Word came that Trump was on the way to his headquarters with the pundits wondering what he might say. Shortly afterwards, Fox called Pennsylvania for Trump, Hillary called Trump to concede, and history was made.

I rehearse that agonizing evening to remind us that though in hindsight the outcome may seem compelling, in reality it was a razor thin edge in a couple of states that gave Trump the victory. A few thousand votes in Florida, in Pennsylvania, in Michigan, or in a couple of other states could have reversed the picture. This was not a Reagan landslide. It was a squeaker.

As in retrospect we realize how close this was, it becomes apparent that a number of developments all worked together to make the difference in the outcome of the election. Let me list just some of them.

  • The presence of a Donald Trump as a Republican candidate is miraculous. How often do we find a billionaire willing to give up his life of comfort and to suffer the scrutiny and abuse heaped on any conservative candidate for president. The fact that Trump was media savvy also played a major role. His beautiful and gifted family also provided a significant asset both by the tribute they played to him and also by their aggressive role in the campaign. In addition, his energy and tenacity made a huge difference in the outcome. Few people could have withstood the brutal treatment he received.
  • Conversely, Hillary comprised a tremendously weak Democrat candidate, with little personal appeal and tons of baggage. Had Democrats run a woman with the charm of Jacqueline Kennedy or Nancy Reagan, she could have won the hearts of the American people. Or imagine if Hillary would not have set up a private email server. There can be little question that that decision alone cost her the election.
  • The videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress last year exposing the atrocities committed by Planned Parenthood provided early support for Trump’s pro-life stance, no doubt helping many Americans to see the necessity for a pro-life president and Supreme Court.
  • The movies “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer and “Hillary’s America” by Dinesh D’Souza graphically portraying Clinton corruption and the assault on African-Americans by the Democrat party no doubt pushed many Americans toward Trump.
  • I believe James Comey contributed significantly to Trump’s victory. His initial assertion that a compelling case could not be made against Hillary alerted many Americans to Democrat corruption of the judicial system. His reopening the case gave Trump a bump in the polls just when he needed it, and then his closing the case again a few days later supported for many Americans Trump’s assertion that the system is rigged.
  • There can be little question that without the contribution of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, Hillary would have won. The constant and profuse erosion on Hillary’s campaign by the exposure of corruption had a devastating impact.
  • The publication of the substantial increases in the cost of ObamaCare for the average citizen just weeks before the election provided a devastating blow to the Democrat cause.

As we consider the close race in Florida, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, it becomes apparent that every one of these factors was essential for a Trump victory. The probability of all these unlikely factors occurring simultaneously must be attributed to God’s work on behalf of America.

What must we take away from the miraculous nature of Trump’s victory? Simply this. It required a miracle to win this election, and therefore it would be very wrong for us to presume on God’s goodness. In my book, Counterattack: Why Evangelicals Are Losing the Culture War and How They Can Win, I make the point that the current disastrous condition of our country comes only 28 short years after the Reagan presidency. Electing the right president does not comprise a solution for America but only an opportunity. It is only as we use that opportunity to restore Christian culture to America that we can realize lasting benefit. Evangelicals in particular must use this God-given opportunity to produce that result. If we are unwilling to unite and implement an effective strategy for winning the culture war, we will consign our children to utter disaster.

4 comments on “How We Must Respond to the Miracle of President Trump
  1. patty says:

    well said!

  2. Paul Liebert says:

    The Victory of Donald Trump- providentially ordained. Why? Because Trump is a modern-day saint? Not in the least. Christians need to understand the battle in the political realm- it is not about individuals leading people to faith in Christ, or even to greater moral purity. It is about perserving an environment of Truth and Freedom in all of the key areas of life. God can use believers and unbelievers, committed Christians and religious and secular people from every corner. It is the fundamental ideaology that matters in this realm. As with Reagan in the 80’s, Trump has chosen to stand on the right platform. As long as he continues to do so and live out what he has stood for in gaining his presidency, we can rejoice and fully stand behind him. But the REAL job of being salt and light to the dark, dark world is the job of every follower of Jesus Christ. The political and social environment that is favorable to that end is a GIFT from our Sovereign Lord. WE must run with it. The church of Jesus Christ has an amazing opportunity– perhaps its last in the current World Order– to preach the Gospel and promote righteousness. If we don’t seize the day- it will soon be lost!

  3. As always, a delight to read or hear your cogent, accurate assessments of culture and America. My atheist, liberal colleague who is the only other High School Language Arts teacher at my school accused me of compromising my values for a masogenous homophobic candidate. Of course, he tried to relay this in front of students, which is completely inappropriate. Thanks for the ammunition I will counter with soon. Most of the time I just laugh at his warped perspective because he hates preachers but preaches one-sidedly for twenty minutes about his correct views.

  4. Excellently written with total truth. We as Christians must unite as one force with fervent prayer. 2 Chronicles 7:14

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