Don’t Buy the Media Meme on Trump

Don’t Buy the Media Meme on Trump

It is disheartening and dangerous when conservatives buy into the memes advanced by the liberal media. When we do, we have given away half of the farm by default.

During the healthcare debate the meme advanced by the Left was that our healthcare system is broken and we desperately need to fix it. It wasn’t long before conservative politicians appeared on news broadcasts parroting the same line as if it had come down from Mt. Sinai: “We all know that our healthcare system is broken, and it is essential that we give priority to fixing it.”

This, of course was a serious misrepresentation of reality. The fact was that ours was the best healthcare system the world has ever known–and getting better every day. Of course it had flaws, most of which were created by government, but to describe it as broken was downright erroneous. By buying into and repeating this lie, conservatives contributed substantially to opening the door to ObamaCare. By misrepresenting the extent of the problem, they allowed for this destructive total makeover.

Conservatives have a tendency to fall into this trap almost like Charlie Brown with the football, and they are doing it again by embracing and propagating the media analysis of Donald Trump. We all know, so the meme goes, that America has hit a new political low in providing us a choice of these two abysmal candidates, so our only option is to pick the least atrocious of the two. So conservatives tell us to hold your noses and vote for Donald Trump.

One wonders what universe these people have been living in. Eisenhower had a substantial amount of baggage, though out of respect for his service we tended not to talk about it. Kennedy was no paragon of virtue, and the Left will never let us forget the sins of Nixon. Though George W. Bush had a fairly clean image, I have heard that he swore like a sailor in private meetings.

What has changed most is the aggressiveness, expertize, and technology of opposition research. Google “opposition research” and you find whole companies devoted to this noble enterprise. If they could have traced Kennedy’s every pronouncement, and would have cared to do so, we would have discovered a lot of pollution in Camelot.

In addition, we are all too well aware that the media provide an amplification system that possesses the capacity to filter out Hillary’s high crimes and misdemeanors and to magnify Trump’s, and that like an old 8-track tape player it keeps repeating them until Trump’s next misdeed, real or contrived, is ready for airing.

Trump, as a business man and not a politician, has been less circumspect about his statements, but we are buying into media spin when we embrace and repeat the meme that we are bottom feeding with both candidates.

This theme errs not only in its flawed comparison with candidates past but also in its failure to acknowledge Trump’s positive qualities. Let’s consider a few. Americans love him because he loves America, i.e. he is patriotic, a drastic comparison with those on the Left, who display loathing of America. He is a man of courage, willing to take severe beatings from the Left for being politically incorrect, i.e. for being honest. He is a man of accomplishment, having achieve substantially in the real world as compared to politicians who live in a bubble of unreality that does not demand actual productivity. He is not owned by anyone, an outsider, and therefore is free to do what is best for America, which would be a novel approach in Washington.  He is a doer and not just a talker. He is the first candidate in recent memory that really might build a wall, in record time and under budget. In addition, Trump’s employees and others think very highly of him, and he has a record of tough but fair dealings in business.

It takes little thought to understand why the media would promote the “two disgusting candidates” meme. It places Trump and Clinton on the same level when nothing could be further from the truth. As noted above, Trump is no worse than many presidential candidates in the past and brings to the table many superior qualities. By way of contrast, Hillary has a record of criminal behavior, selling her office for personal gain, habitual lying, treating underlings with contempt, and a host of other malignancies, while leaving behind a trail of failure. By placing them on the same level, even if it is a low level, the media makes an undeserved equivalence. When conservatives agree to buy into this comparison they do Trump a great injustice. By making them morally and professionally equivalent they make it far easier for Hillary to use her dishonesty, intrigue, and her political insider connections to win.

I’m not buying it, and I hope you won’t either. Donald Trump is as good as most other presidential candidates in the past and possesses more to qualify him as the president we need now than most any other man in recent history. This is not a race between two bad candidates but between a good one and a bad one. Let’s not let the media tell us what to think. I think Donald Trump is an exceptionally good choice for the next president of the United States.

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  1. I thought so too for many of the same reasons you gave Dr. Brown back! Just wish I had seen this the day you wrote it.

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