Ruling Class Strategy Versus Conservative Chaos

Ruling Class Strategy Versus Conservative Chaos

One of the most significant and insightful articles of this decade is found in Angelo M. Codevilla’s “America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution.” In it Codevilla observes that America is now controlled by a ruling class comprised of all the power brokers within our society.

This ruling class consists of the dominant forces in both political parties, lobbyists,  big business, the media, the judiciary, both public and higher education, major nonprofits, and a menagerie of other influential elements. Together they possess the power to manipulate and dominate the typical American working person, imposing their agenda on American life, an agenda that includes a full range of economic, social, and even spiritual issues.

Since Codevilla’s article appeared in 2010 this reality has become fairly widely recognized by conservatives, in part because Codevilla exposed it, and also because the ruling class, now fully in control, no longer makes pretenses regarding its intentions. The only time they feign alignment with the American people occurs when representatives and judges run for office, at which time every representative presents as a fiscal and social conservative and every jurist as a hanging judge. With a few notable exceptions, when they do get into office they immediately reveal by their actions that they were lying, that they were members of the ruling class all along.

The unity of the ruling class in its commitment to totally control the American people has never been exhibited so blatantly as in its coordinated assault on Donald Trump during this presidential election. Threatened by Trump, an outsider, ruling class forces are advancing a coordinated strategy to prevent his election.

The media, the most obviously complicit ruling class contingent, spearheads this strategy by making the major news story some salacious incident from Trump’s past, real or fabricated (it makes little difference). The tactic is to distract the American people from the real problems confronting our country, from Trump’s platform for fixing them, from the bankruptcy of Hillary’s ideas, and from the genuine scandals surrounding the Clinton campaign. This strategy is proving fairly effective, many Americans being more attracted to and taken in by this media-generated soap opera than by genuine governmental concerns.

Perhaps the most revealing demonstration of the solidarity of the ruling class exposes itself in the abandonment of Trump by Republican RINOs. The latest expression of this has been found in the withdrawal of support for him by many of them in response to tawdry Trump tapes from a previous decade. The insincerity of their motives is transparent. No doubt most of them have used this type of language themselves, and few if any of them have ever condemned rappers for polluting the minds of our children and society as a whole with this type of verbiage and worse. In addition, are they really trying to make the case that this recording makes Trump a worse person than Hillary Clinton who has sold herself to foreign countries, broken laws that would have landed anyone else in jail, and has committed herself to perpetuate the devastating policies of Obama? No, Trump’s verbal indiscretions merely provide a pretext for them to display solidarity with the rest of the ruling class. These RINOs are not aligned with us and never were. The purpose of their current betrayal of Trump is to do their part in securing his defeat.

The judiciary’s role consists of rigging the vote. Daniel Horowitz has written about “numerous cases where federal judges have nullified the most common sense state election laws, a sphere of policy over which states have near complete power. Just over the past few months, federal judges have mandated specific days for early voting, pre-registration of 16-year-olds, required straight ticket voting options, mandated extra polling stations, blocked states from verifying citizenship of voters, forced Ohio to place 465,000 dead voters back on the voter rolls, and terminated photo ID laws in a number of states.”

The academic world has done its share by creating a culture in which liberal perspectives are only given a valid hearing. One wonders what prompts this monolithic attraction for Hillary in this intellectually superior community. Would it be her breathtaking record as Secretary of State, her commitment to eminently successful ObamaCare, the rationally compelling policy of open borders, her impeccable character? No, the academic class embraces Hillary for the simple reason that she is liberal. No other qualification counts.

So the description could go on of how the ruling class has marshaled its forces in a unified strategy to defeat the American people and Donald Trump.

The concern of this post is that while the actions of the ruling class described above and many others reveal unity and strategy, conservative actions reflect fragmentation and chaos. The Never Trumpers provide the most flagrant example, irrationally asserting that some profound principle propels them to help Hillary win.

Though many on the Right are more rational in their efforts, those efforts are not coordinated in a unified strategy, resulting in the application of conservative resources piecemeal, which represents a formula for losing. Conservatives possess the power to win this election but they lack a comprehensive strategy that will enable them to do so. Hopefully, the past 7 ½ years has been sufficiently terrible and Clinton’s deficiencies are sufficiently condemning that despite our lack of unity and strategy Trump will pull out a victory. If not, we are in very deep trouble. If he does win, we have made what should have been a relatively easy job quite difficult.

Wouldn’t it be great if conservatives would learn to be as unified and strategic as the ruling class?

3 comments on “Ruling Class Strategy Versus Conservative Chaos
  1. Paul Liebert says:

    Clearly, as a group, conservative Christians have not been able to unify in any way parallel to the unity of the left. The social and economic agenda of the left, on the surface, is altruistic and promoting the cause of the downtrodden. Underneath the surface, and in stark reality, the agenda is empowering and enriching the elite power centers to control society through manipulation. If anyone notices an improvement in the lives of the downtrodden of society as a result of any policy favored by the left– please step forward! There is no evidence. More than ever, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, less empowered, pitifully dependent, and totally unmotivated to do anything, but complain…
    On the other hand, conservatives, and Christians in particular, have complete truth as their banner and real justice for all. They don’t seek to control society, but seek a society under control (i.e. under law, subject to great established doctrines and principles handed down for 1,000’s of years, respecters of life and property, in favor of living well with each other). Divided on some issues, but at the core, very united and consistent with each other are the vast majority of conservative Christians. When faced with a “lesser than two evils” scenario in political choice they really can agree on one thing: not wanting political leaders who represent and promote the polar opposite of what is truly best for the country. But there is something very fundamental lacking in leadership to unite these very numerous and very homogeneous individuals. Perhaps the only thing that can galvanize them into united action is the unveiling of the truth of how powerful the left is becoming as they move on unchecked. The right must rise up and check them! To just acquiesce is a huge error, a sin, a great failure to understand the times. The status quo in Washington right now is disastrous, yet they have vast numbers of people manipulated into thinking that their policies have something of benefit. For this infection to continue to linger and fester for another period of years could take us beyond the point of no return. Too much is at stake, but it seems that most don’t realize that it doesn’t have to be.

  2. Kent says:

    The “insightful” Angelo Codevilla, author of the article praised here, correctly identifies Donald Trump as a Ruling Class crony capitalist who, if President, would be every bit the dictator Obama is. Just with an R label. And Trump’s supporters, according to Codevilla, want “their own” tyrant to counter Obama, instead of seeking a return to constitutional government. Yes, Angelo C is brilliant. To bad the author stopped reading him in 2010.

  3. Wally Cox says:

    Hi Paul, I stumbled across your blog today and was happy to see information about your 2nd book. I know this is something you wanted to accomplish for some time … congratulations. I hope it’s doing well.

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