America at the Edge of the Precipice

America at the Edge of the Precipice

Imagine yourself in Colombia, South America, driving along  one of those treacherous mountain roads when you suddenly come around a curve and see that the road a few yards in front of you is washed out, and you can’t even see the bottom of the gorge below. You slam on your brakes, your tires skid, and you come to rest a few feet from the edge.

This in effect will be America’s story if—if Donald Trump wins this election. If he does not, if Hillary wins, our nation will hurl over the precipice into the chasm below.

Why do I assert that America is so close to the edge? Because we are about to self-destruct in virtually every aspect of our national life.

  • Our open borders comprise one such issue, creating numerous problems. Just a few more years of illegal immigration at the current rate would give the Democrats a permanent majority. Illegal immigrants are also having a tremendous negative impact on our resources. Open borders also leave us vulnerable to another 9/11 type incident, which is almost certain to occur if we continue our present policy. Hillary would continue that policy.
  • Current government spending is unsustainable. Hillary would continue and expand it, carrying us into full-blown socialism.
  • The number of non-working Americans coupled with the increasing number on government welfare has placed us in a fiscal death spiral, which if continued will lead to our economic ruin.
  • Our courts are on the precipice. If Hillary is permitted to make the next Supreme Court appointments our Constitution would be relegated to the trash heap.
  • Our military has become eviscerated in terms of personnel, equipment, and morale. Any further neglect and use for Liberal social policies will reduce it to the point where we are no longer safe. In fact, we are almost there.
  • We have lost our major industry. Previously I had frequent occasion to pass by what used to be Bethlehem Steel, a powerful industrial complex that is now a gambling casino. How emblematic of our national decline.
  • Crushing legislation has made it very difficult for entrepreneurs to create businesses and for existing businesses to grow. Our two primary businesses seem to be hospitals and government, neither of which produce anything.
  • The family in America continues to disintegrate, a condition resulting in a broad array of problems that inflict a weakening effect on our nation.
  • Our public educational institutions have become instruments of the Left, which they use to propagate their erroneous worldview. One survey indicates that substantially more teenagers believe that failing to recycle is more immoral than viewing pornography, a trend reflecting a rise in secular values and decline in Christian ones.
  • Our display of weakness on the international stage places us in an ever increasing state of vulnerability. Foreign policy that does not support our national interests makes our position in the world even more tenuous.

These concerns represent just some of the salient issues confronting our country that have brought us to the edge of the precipice.

I am not suggesting that Donald Trump or any other human being can or will resolve all of these issues. I am asserting, however, that Hillary certainly will perpetuate and escalate them, carrying us over the precipice at full speed to crash in the gorge below.

I should further add that with some support from Congress, Donald Trump may resolve, or at least attenuate, a number of these problems. He has avowed to address the open border issue. He is promising to lift regulations off the shoulders of businesses. He has a plan for bringing jobs and business back to America. He is committed to rebuild the military. His emphasis on school choice would give the Left far less control over our educational system. Other proposed policies also promise remediation of current failed liberal trends.

In light of the certain disaster that would result from a Hillary Clinton presidency and the promise of potential good from Donald Trump, it is unfathomable to me that an evangelical Christian or other conservative would not support Trump. Whatever principle they believe they are upholding by failing to do so cannot override our national survival. If still not convinced, I would suggest they creep closer to the edge of the precipice and look down. If they are still not convinced, I would appreciate if they would go over the edge by themselves, and not take the rest of us with them.

2 comments on “America at the Edge of the Precipice
  1. Leila Hutton. says:

    Well stated. Prayer is our one hope that God will save America.

  2. Kameel says:

    My friend, I have been a republican conservative Christian for 30 years. The Republican Party left me, not to be a Hillary supporter God forbid. But we put ourself in a jam. Surely Trump is not the Ideal candidate for the party of Lincoln Ted Rosevelt, Eizenhewer, and Reagan. It took this party 8 years in the waiting to produce somebody better than Romney ?, here is the problem, the Bible says look where you have faltered and repent. The support of Bush for his war against Iraq and dispersing the Christians who were loved and protected by Saddam is a big sin against humanity. Unless and until the public hear a plain and clear denouncing of George Bush God will not hear from us. The other problem is not denouncing the political TV preachers, and the fake ones. Among the first is Haggi of Texas, and among the second are Ben Hen, and Copland.
    Evangelicals have political power, unfortunately they have used it more politically than wisely as Christ. Observe the stupid discourses and discussions of Huckabee on TV, a man who Inrespected when he ran against Obama. So far I find Pence to be a good wise man, and hopefully he can shut the mouth and the childish tweets of Trump for a while. I hope after that we do not part but company but continue to be friends.

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