Liberal Attempts to Snuff Out God’s Light and the Predictable Outcome

Liberal Attempts to Snuff Out God’s Light and the Predictable Outcome

Whether they like it or not, Israel serves as a light to the nations, as living proof of the existence of God and the truth of His Word. What other nation has survived almost two millennia of dispersion and been reborn, and even experienced the restoration of its own dormant language?

That in itself is miraculous, but the miracle is compounded by the fact that God’s Word said that it would be so. The former miracle might be attributed to serendipity. The latter miracle takes that option off the table, making evident to every reasonable mind that this is the Lord’s doing, that there is a God in heaven actively directing human events.

The result of the contemporary existence of Israel was recorded by Isaiah over 2500 years ago: “I am the LORD; I have called you in righteousness; I will take you by the hand and keep you; I will give you as a covenant for the people, a light for the nations….” (Isaiah 42:6 ESV) People can reject and deny the obvious, but in the midst of their desperate attempts to bend truth, to rid themselves of the evidence of God’s reality, power, and governance over history, there stands Israel, not only miraculously reborn as a nation according to the promise of God’s Word, but miraculously preserved in the midst of hostile and substantially larger nations and significant global animus.

That hatred, of course, is instigated by the very fact cited above. Israel’s existence verifies God’s presence, and a world wanting to rid themselves of the proof of God’s reality must snuff out the light to the nations established by God for that very purpose.

The contortions of the Left in their attempts to build a case against Israel as a justification for assaulting it defy reason, but then again, that is the Left’s modus operandi. Listening to them explain how Israel is the aggressor in the Palestinian situation requires substantial tolerance for 1984 style truth bending. However, we must believe them because these pronouncements are made by the intelligentsia, the inhabitants of the halls of academia, the modestly self-described “brights,” the same brilliant minds that have brought us global warming.

We begin to understand their rationale regarding the peaceful tendencies of Israel’s Muslim neighbors as we consider the record of Islam as emissaries of peace around the globe. If you still doubt Israeli guilt, the coup de grace comes in the form of the pronouncement by Jimmy Carter regarding Israel’s apartheid, and he is a Nobel Prize winner—along with the peace-seeking Yasser Arafat.

The latest assault by the Left on Israel resides in the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement, a global effort to isolate Israel economically, thus bringing it to its knees and ultimately to its destruction. On any typical college campus one finds the BDS movement alive and well and a hallmark of the thinking, well-informed professor and student. We find these intellectuals bypassing the many communist, Muslim, Hindu, and even Buddhist nations (e.g. Myanmar) that display repression of the worst sort, and instead focusing like a laser on a tiny nation about the size of New Jersey with one of the better human rights records in the world.

Why would that be? The answer is obvious: the light must be extinguished.

What is their prospects of success? At Christmas time I have often found Herod’s response to the Magi pathetically amusing. These men followed a star from the East foretelling the birth of the Messiah. If they were misguided, Herod had nothing to fear. They would find no Messiah in Bethlehem. They were only a genuine threat if their quest was valid. However, if God actually did make a star appear that led them from their home country to Israel, then Herod in seeking to kill this child was actually taking on a God who created and guided stars. Picking that fight comprised an unwise move that would have a predictably bad outcome for him.

The BDS movement is looking at the same prospects of success. Their confidence that they can take on the God who 2500 years ago asserted that He would make Israel a light to the nations and has done just that reflects the same rational acumen that they display in condemning Israel in the first place.

My concern is not for Israel, but for the students who are paying to have these intellectuals teach them to think.

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  1. Bob says:

    Great article Paul. Fits in well with what I am teaching right now in the Book of Daniel. Daniel 12 is my current subject and that chapter is one of HOPE for Israel and their future, after having been given several visions of suffering and oppression that Israel would have to endure. It’s been 2500 years so far and counting …

    Thanks again for the great insight and perspectives!! I want to do more research on this BDS movement.

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