How to Maintain Your Sanity When Listening to Election News

How to Maintain Your Sanity When Listening to Election News

It’s not easy.

First there is the Hillary news.

  • That begins with leaving the White House with a huge collection of its historical treasures. One would think that of itself would disqualify her. It is difficult to imagine a president who was guilty of that sort of lowlife behavior. If Bush had done that we would still be hearing about it.
  • Then there was her disastrous work at the State Department, leaving Libya in shambles, propping up murderous Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Morsi in Egypt when the Egyptian people were trying to get rid of him, and the Benghazi debacle, which included dishonesty, ineptitude, and perhaps worse.
  • On top of that we have the email server scandal, which included countless lies, gross irresponsibility, and an obvious attempt at hiding unsavory behavior. While General David Petraeus narrowly avoided felony charges and prison time for far less, and was forced to resign as director of the CIA, even a superficial analysis reveals that Hillary Clinton escaped similar consequences through sheer political maneuvering. The Obama administration declared her to be above the law.
  • But now it has gotten worse. It has become evident that the purpose of the private email server was to launder communications exposing her “pay for play” approach to her position as Secretary of State. Rudy Giuliani, who has an extensive background in prosecution, describes these activities in terms of multiple felonies.
  • Hillary manages all of this by refusing to hold press conferences. As of today it has been about 266 days since she had one. That is especially remarkable in light of the issues above that demand journalistic scrutiny. She refuses to subject herself to that, and the media comply not only by failing to push the issue but also by for the most part burying her indiscretions.

These incidents only circumscribe the larger pieces of baggage that Hillary has checked on her flight toward the presidency. She probably has at least 20 or so pieces of carry-on luggage that are too small to be of concern in comparison with the content of the steamer trunks described above.

As we seek to get our arms around the vastness of Clinton’s misbehaviors we find ourselves utterly perplexed over why she isn’t headed for prison instead of for the White House. It is mystifying to understand how she is avoiding the former, but totally mind-boggling to understand how she could possibly still be in the running, and even favored, for the latter. We find our minds going tilt trying to figure out what’s wrong with this picture.

But wait, the situation becomes even more curious. Donald Trump, the other contestant for the presidency, is also in the news. Commentators from every political spectrum warn us that he is behind in the polls, and the polls don’t lie.

However, they say he might stand a chance if he stops making stray comments, if he stays with the issues, if he works hard in the battleground states, if he doesn’t make any missteps, if he listens to his advisors, if he appeals to minorities, in other words, if he does everything perfectly. If he does all that, he just might be able to squeak by Hillary and win the White House.

So there’s the picture: one candidate, who if she weren’t Hillary Clinton and propped up by the media would probably already be wearing an orange jumpsuit. She is favored and needs not jump through any hoops to become president. She doesn’t even need to hold a press conference. The other candidate, who is not encumbered by all that baggage, has to do everything just right to win. Go figure. I can’t.

And frustration mounts as we consider the platforms of these candidates. Hillary will continue Obama’s failed policies, further advance socialism, load the Supreme Court with justices that will destroy our Constitution, move further toward government healthcare, and keep the borders wide open to illegal immigrants and a burgeoning number of Muslims that we will need to support and likely will do us harm. Trump has developed policies that will provide remedies for these disastrous initiatives, instead advancing programs that will serve to make America great again.

One might at least have some understanding of how Hillary could surmount the exposure of her gross misconduct if her proposed policies would promise to rescue America from the disaster inflicted by Obama and if Trump would perpetuate our current decline. But it makes it all the harder to explain Hillary’s exoneration of misconduct when her policies are also utterly devastating.

So then, how do we keep from going crazy as we view this ongoing soap opera that shows no congruence with the real world?

The answer is simple. We just need to discard the naïve notion that empirical data and reason provide the basis for truth for most Americans. It is not facts and reason but power that determines reality for most Americans. Those who possess the power to control the news and entertainment media, the educational system, the judicial system, business, and other elements that shape American culture determine American truth. Hillary’s lead in the polls provides overwhelming support for that assertion.

I do not point out this reality to create hopelessness but rather to underscore the need for American evangelicals to exercise the political power God has given them. As I mention in my book, Counterattack, that requires unity and strategy.

If we fail to unify and strategize effectively, we are sure to suffer defeat. Some evangelicals might try to put a spiritual spin on such defeat, viewing themselves as suffering for Jesus. But in reality they will be suffering at the hands of their own inertia and inactivity.

Hope begins with employing the political power God has placed at our disposal. God expects us to use it wisely, and if we do we can win.

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