The Setup: Obama’s Strategy for Staying in Office

The Setup: Obama’s Strategy for Staying in Office

Dick Morris, in his new book Armageddon, makes the point that this presidential election ultimately is not a contest between Democrats and Republicans or even liberals and conservatives, but of insiders versus outsiders.

The insiders consist of Democrats, Republican RINOs, the media, most of the judiciary, lobbyists and the big businesses they represent, and other members of the incestuous family that derives money and power from the federal government.

Outsiders consist for the most part of working Americans who earn the money that the insiders use to reward themselves. This segment predominantly includes the shrinking American middle-class that encompasses everyone from the ditch digger to the brain surgeon, the Army private and the farmer.

The insiders have been doing quite well for themselves. Obama with his phone and his pen has been able to do virtually anything he wants without consequence. Republican insiders in Congress have supported him and the media have covered for him. With a Supreme Court, now reduced to eight members, and at best split four and four, with Anthony Kennedy often making it five and three, what the insiders can’t get done legislatively they decree judicially.

Hillary Clinton’s election would place them in total control. The Supreme Court would be totally in the hands of the insider (she has embraced the idea of appointing Obama to the Supreme Court), and with four more years of open borders, soon followed by amnesty, they would have enough slaves to government handouts on the plantation to maintain permanent control of everything.

However, just as they are about to win the whole game, an interloper like Donald Trump, not part of or beholden to the insiders, could ruin everything. He could put good people on the Supreme Court, he could close the borders, his Justice Department could encourage photo IDs for voting, and he could enact many other policies that would take power from the insiders and return it to the people. He would also be positioned to expose and even perhaps deal with some of the corruption of the past eight years.

Insiders are especially apoplectic about the prospect of a Trump election because of the tremendous enthusiasm many of the American people are showing for his campaign and Hillary’s corresponding weakness because of her lack of personal magnetism, her abysmal record, and more baggage than the belly of a Boeing 767 can hold.

For these reasons the insiders are pulling out all the stops in their assault on Donald Trump. The media attacks him relentlessly with full fury. RINO assaults on his campaign are especially damaging, allowing Obama and others to point out that Trump’s own party is not supporting him. Insiders are employing every dirty trick in the book such as rigging polls to make him appear to be a loser. One clever tactic is hiding Hillary so that the American people can’t find out who she is.

However, we are now seeing indications of insiders implementing a far more serious strategy. Obama’s assault on Trump this week, in essence asserting that he is unfit for the presidency, comprised an unprecedented abuse of office. It prompted Joseph Farah, editor-in-chief of WorldNetDaily, to write an article in which he queries whether Obama is signaling that he would refuse to transfer power to Trump if he were elected. In the article Farah directly posed the question to Obama regarding his intentions.

Obama is not alone in generating this narrative that Trump is somehow deranged and therefore too psychologically incapacitated to assume the presidency. California U.S. Representative Karen Bass started a petition demanding that Trump undergo psychiatric testing for narcissistic personality disorder. (If that is her concern she is eight years too late.) In addition, someone started a rumor (I understand that it is bogus) that Republican leaders were going to have an intervention with Trump, creating the picture of friends gathering to confront a troubled person about his need for treatment. Hillary has adopted a similar strategy, asserting that Trump is temperamentally unfit, which also connotes that Trump is suffering from psychological pathologies.

This all appears to be a set up by the insiders to thwart the will of the people in the event that their other tactics fail. This narrative might be advanced nonstop by the media between now and November, making it a talking point in the news every evening, inviting psychologists and psychiatrists to discuss Trumps “instability,” bringing in politicians to discuss “deep concerns” about his grip on reality. After 90 days of this propaganda being regurgitated night after night, it would tend to become truth to enough Americans that it could dissuade them from voting for Trump, but even if he won, it could give the insiders an excuse for declaring him unfit.

It takes little imagination to picture a major telecast from the White House in which Obama is joined by Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, perhaps some Supreme Court justices, a team of psychiatrists, and other notables, distressed over the need to share with the American people their conclusion that Trump displays all of the classic symptoms of psychosis and their consequent responsibility to bar him from office.

This might all sound like a bad Tom Clancy novel but for two reasons. Joseph Farah, mentioned above is a reputable  journalist who runs a major news outlet. More serious is the fact that Obama has been setting us up for eight years, behaving in increasingly outrageous ways with impunity, thus creating the assumption that he can do virtually anything he wants, e.g. sending an unmarked plane into Iran loaded with $400,000,000 in unmarked foreign bills, without incurring a political scratch. The American people have become so conditioned to believe that he has the authority to act dictatorially that they will take in stride his assertion of his need to stay in office for the sake of the nation.

Whether this scenario will play out we cannot tell, but we do know that the insiders will stop at nothing to prevent Trump from entering the Oval Office. To stop them from subverting the will of the people we must act aggressively and do it now. My book, Counterattack includes a strategy that will protect America from this type of assault and enable evangelicals to take America back. I hope you will read it and recommend it to your pastor and other church leaders and friends.

3 comments on “The Setup: Obama’s Strategy for Staying in Office
  1. Michael Dono says:

    Trump’s problem is that he can speak and because of that he’s doomed to fail. He’s not a victim. He has no problem attacking people but whenever he says something stupid and crazy, like making things up, and he gets attacked for he cries FOUL! We both have been around for awhile, you longer than me, just saying…lol, and we have never seen in any presidential election where one of the candidate’s mental health has been questioned…and with good reason. Any honest evaluation of his behavior has to come to the realization…there’s something that just isn’t right.

  2. Paul Liebert says:

    To vote for Donald Trump is a rejection of the elitist view of what government is all about. A President must be of the mold of “presidential ” material. This view is diametrically opposed to the “will of the people” — it only wants to tell the people what to will. Presidents that don’t fit in to the flow of where the elite want to go are, to them, the very essence of insane. The elite have been on an incredible roll- worldwide! They are breaking all borders and achieving a carefully woven consensus for world government (led by the elite of the world, of course). Mr. Trump would be the biggest “monkey wrench” anyone could throw into the works. The theme of the elite’s whole campaign is: ” we can’t let it happen!” If you vote for him, knowing that the elite are telling you that he is insane- what does that make you?

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