Trump Is Not Running against Hillary but against the Media

Trump Is Not Running against Hillary but against the Media

If Trump were running against Hillary, he would win in a landslide. She has so much baggage that it would sink her right to the bottom, and she lacks the charisma to schmooze her way out of it.

However, this is not a Donald versus Hillary contest. It is primarily Trump versus the media. His real challenge is to beat them, which constitutes a significant challenge since they have the microphone and the audience and have developed their propaganda skills to perfection.

They are showcasing their talents at bending reality to suit their purposes in the furor they have generated over Trump’s comments that he hopes Russia finds Hillary’s emails.

Their propaganda capabilities begin with creating an issue where no issue exists. Any rational person listening to that interview would realize that Trump was being sarcastic. He was in essence mocking the inability of our FBI, working under the purview of our Democrat administration, to find those emails. How is it that the best organization at this sort of thing in the world seems incapable of getting this data when the Russians and WikiLeaks seem to be able to get anything they want. He was also ridiculing the media for their lack of journalistic interest in this major national scandal, thus graphically displaying their partisanship. The media has made an issue of an obviously sarcastic comment.

That this was not a serious effort by Trump to involve the Russians in our political process is also evidenced by his making the comment in front of a bevy of reporters. Had he actually wanted to enlist the Russians, he certainly would have done so in private.

In addition, the media is acting as if Trump calling on the Russians to produce emails will enable them to do so. Their position seems to be that his encouragement provided the Russians with the authority and power to produce those emails. Without his okay they could not do it, but his calling on them to produce those emails in essence constituted permission to do so. In other words, the position of the media is totally irrational. No real issue exists here.

But the media have proved often that they do not need a real issue to make an issue. A foundational piece of their propaganda strategy resides in the media’s capacity to make an issue merely by saying something is an issue. By virtue solely of their saying that Trump did something outrageous, bordering on treason, makes it outrageous. This technique is especially effective when the media say it in unison, which they do. News monopoly that they are, they speak with one voice. They have the capacity to set the narrative. Their power in doing so is especially lethal when they bear down on an issue for days on end. After doing so, a large segment of the public concludes that Trump must have done something really bad.

Unfortunately, adding to their power is the tendency of conservative media to adopt their narrative. As long as the mainstream media are talking about it, the rest of the media follow suit, thus unwittingly legitimizing the mainstream media message. Rush Limbaugh has talked about Trump’s comment for the last several days. Though his words conveyed that this is not an issue, his actions in incessantly discussing this topic play into the hands of the liberal media.

Another piece of the mainstream news media strategy is found in their telling the American people what they believe. For example, a CNN headline from yesterday reads, “Trump walks back email hack comments, but damage lingers.” In scanning the article I did not find any actual evidence that Trump has been damaged by this issue. Nonetheless, their saying so gives the impression that he has. By perpetuating this narrative they will soon have a large segment of the American people thinking, “Trump really hurt himself this time. I’m not sure he can survive this one.” In other words, the media shape public opinion by telling the public what the public believes.

The utter bias of the media in this particular case is exposed by their making a big harangue over one sentence uttered by Trump that is virtually inconsequential while overlooking thousands of illegal emails by Hillary that genuinely do threaten national security. Comparing these two issues it is very revealing that the media are able to choke on a Republican gnat while swallowing a Democrat camel.

On her own, Hillary does not stand a chance in this election, but she knows that the media will use their vast propaganda capabilities to prop her up.

To this point, they have not been able to make anything stick to Trump. In fact, he has even been able to turn their opposition into political gain. The ultimate deciding factor in this election is whether he will be able to continue to outmaneuver the media. Or to express this topic in terms of the foundational issue, will reason and reality or the media determine America’s fate. The former provides at least some hope. If the American people are foolish enough to fall for the latter, America will descend into a pit of chaos and ruin from which they may never recover.

2 comments on “Trump Is Not Running against Hillary but against the Media
  1. patty kearon says:

    The whole DNC was a fairy tale. Anybody that listened to The Muslim father speak about the death of his son in combat, and comes away from that speech thinking Trump is a racist is being fooled by their emotions. I am sorry to hear about this family’s loss. So are all patriots of The United States sorry about this loss of life. Unfortunately, this family is being used to spread lies about Donald Trump and supporters of Trump. Donald Trump has never said anything against Muslims who live in our country who support our US Constitution and assimilate. Donald Trump has made it clear, and so have I that our beef is not about peaceful Muslims. Our issue is about Radical Islamic Terrorists. None of us say all Muslims are out to kill Americans. They say Trump would never have allowed them into our country. That is also not true. Nobody just decided out of thin air to go after all Muslims. No we just all want to be safe from the influx of Radical Islamic Terrorism that have declared war on us.
    Desperate times call for desperate measures. We are in a war not with peaceful Muslims, but with the rise of Radical Islamic Terrorists who make it clear they want to kill us and they are killing us. Donald Trump and the rest of us American Patriots only want to be safe. And the left offers no solution on how to make that happen. Instead they parade a peaceful Muslim patriots family in front of us, and nobody is even saying anything against them. We honor any American no matter what their race or ethnic backgrounds and always have., when they do something so honorable as their son has done.

  2. Diana says:

    You are obsolutely right. My work internet comes up to MSN. Today there were six negative stories about Trump. Hillary zero. In fact there were no stories on Hillary at all. Nothing on Obama’s $400M ransom to Iran. Zero.

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