The LGBT War of Annihilation against Evangelicals

The LGBT War of Annihilation against Evangelicals

The LGBT War of Annihilation against Evangelicals

Can the homosexual community and the evangelical community peacefully coexist? That depends on the terms of peace.

I believe evangelicals for the most part hold reasonable terms for coexistence, a live and let live approach to the gender issue. “We have our beliefs and you have yours. We are willing to let you maintain yours and ask you to do the same.”

Of course, this package is not as neat as all that. There are issues such as gay marriage where beliefs collide and must be resolved by some means. Those points of friction notwithstanding, for the most part it is possible for these two communities to live in peace if there is a desire to do so.

At present, however, the LGBT proponents, sensing their power, are demanding from evangelicals unconditional surrender. We must capitulate to them in every aspect of our existence not compatible with their agenda.

This reality manifests itself graphically in California’s controversial bill, SB 1146, which could be passed into law later this year. To this point Christian colleges have been exempted from laws that would force them to accept homosexuals and allow them to practice homosexual behavior, which would be a violation of the spiritual commitment of these colleges. This bill, however, would force them to do so  and also to curtail other spiritual aspects of their program that might prevent homosexuals from feeling safe such as mandatory chapel services. The penalty for not complying would be forfeiture of state loans and grants to students who attend. It is virtually impossible for colleges to exist without these loans and grants.

This would result in Christian colleges no longer being Christian in any meaningful sense of the word. Consequently, it would force Christian universities either to compromise or close their doors. If they compromise, for the most part they lose their reason for existence. If they close their doors, the Christian community will lose its means of training young people at a college level.

Why, specifically do evangelical colleges object to this law? Is it a matter of bigotry? A Christianity Today article entitled “Christians Don’t Want to Stop Serving Their LGBT Neighbors” by Duane Litfin does an excellent job of clarifying the issues. He specifically addresses the parallel the media draw between racial discrimination and discrimination against those of unbiblical sexual preferences. He identifies two important distinctions between the two.

First, Scripture does not view race as a moral issue, but instead teaches that it is not. However, it emphatically addresses sexual issues as moral. I would add that throughout most of history and even in most present-day societies homosexuality is viewed as morally problematic. Therefore, for liberals to insist that there is no reasonable basis for Christian moral concern on this issue is unreasonable.

A second factor, though, is even more applicable to our discussion. He points out that most interactions with people holding and practicing unbiblical sexual orientations does not entail complicity, and in these areas evangelicals are open to and practice peaceful coexistence. He makes the point that a Christian owning a restaurant will serve whoever comes through the door regardless of their sexual orientation.

However, homosexuals are insisting that Christian bakers and photographers provide support for homosexual weddings, which comprises complicity. That is the issue. We are willing to get along with those of a different sexual orientation as human beings, but when they insist that we act in ways that supports and endorses their lifestyle, then we become complicit, which is a violation of our spiritual convictions.

This is the problem with the California law. It requires Christian colleges to acquiesce to homosexual behavior on their premises and within the context of their programs, thus making these colleges complicit in the support of these behaviors.

The position of the LGBT community, and that of the Left in general, is that our convictions are bigoted and should be given no consideration. In other words, when beliefs and lifestyles conflict, they insist that evangelicals unconditionally surrendered.

And beyond that, they aggressively seek out arenas in which that conflict exists in order to impose their agenda on us. The ultimate result as their strategy plays out, and apparently their intended objective, would be annihilation of evangelical Christianity as we know it. It would force Christians to betray their convictions, Scripture, and ultimately the Lord. Doing so would leave nothing of substance.

Our options are fighting back or extinction. Our current course is leading to extinction. Unless we identify why we are losing the culture war, fix it, and develop a strategy to win it, we are surely on the path to extermination.

It was significant in watching the closing night of the Republican Convention to observe that Donald Trump displayed favor toward both gays and evangelicals. If he is elected as president, the salient question for us will be whether he supports the rights of evangelicals to live their consciences or whether he gives preference to homosexual rights. I believe that much depends on our level of engagement.

Today I am sending to the printer corrected galley proofs of a book I have written entitled Counterattack, which addresses this issue, explaining why we are losing the culture war and providing a strategy for winning. Hopefully it will be available on Amazon (in print and on Kindle) and other outlets in a few weeks. I hope you will read it and share it with your friends. We are living in perilous times. If we do not go on the offensive with an effective strategy we will not survive.


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