The System Is Rigged

The System Is Rigged

My son played football in high school. We lived in Arkansas at the time, and one of the schools he played was Huntsville, a tiny town in the middle of the Ozark Mountains. Twenty years earlier there were no paved roads into Huntsville. It was known as a very tough town. A missionary friend who lived there at one time was told by one of local men that if he did not leave town he would kill him. That gives you a little taste of the local flavor.

During a football game at Huntsville, the running back on my son’s team dove across the goal line for a touchdown. The Huntsville referee pulled the ball back across the goal line onto the playing field and yelled, “First down.” When you play football in Huntsville, the game is rigged.

Unfortunately, at present that is the level at which our federal government and the political system in general functions. We have been reduced to a Huntsville modus operandi. Donald Trump continues to assert, “The system is rigged.” He is right.

I could fill pages with illustrations to demonstrate that point. However, we only need to go back to this Tuesday to be hit in the face by a prime example, the inability of the FBI to find grounds for charging Hillary Clinton related to her email scandal. She was exonerated not by the facts but by FBI director James Comey’s doublespeak. This was obviously a political and not a legal decision. Anyone else exhibiting similar behavior would now be wearing an orange jumpsuit. David Horowitz referred to this outcome as “The Most Breathtaking and Frightening Fix in American History.

To find another glaring example of the rigged system, we need only to go back a week to when the Supreme Court struck down Texas abortion regulations requiring abortion facilities to meet surgical standards and abortion doctors to have admitting privileges to a nearby hospital. These laws were not frivolous because abortions are frequently botched and women undergoing abortions often experience complications. One Planned Parenthood abortion facility alone had to send women to the hospital emergency room in ambulances 60 times since 2009. The decision of the Supreme Court was obviously political rather than judicial and medical.

Perhaps the most significant and blatant example of politics trumping justice was the declaration of Chief Justice John Roberts that the ObamaCare mandate requiring people not buying insurance pay a penalty in fact a tax. Had it been voted on as a tax it would have clearly not passed. Apart from this imaginative act of judicial corruption ObamaCare would not have survived.

Another rigged aspect of the system surfaced in the Democratic Party’s designation of “superdelegates” during primaries, which voters do not select. You can vote if you like, but the politburo will determine the outcome. The Republican Party uses a similar mechanism for rigging its primaries.

Another obvious approach to rigging the system is found in the Democrat opposition to voter ID. Declaring this practice unconstitutional while requiring ID for getting on an airplane or being admitted to a hospital is obviously aimed at making it easy for people to vote illegally. The fact that in the last presidential election some Philadelphia precincts voted 100% for Barack Obama reveals that voter ID is needed but that the expert riggers prefer elections without it.

On the Republican side, the prevalent practice of campaigning as a conservative and legislating as a liberal provides yet another example of the system being rigged against the voter. How did the Republican House of Representatives not defund ObamaCare when the overwhelming percentage of Republican voters wanted them to do just that?

Like playing football in Huntsville where the home team usually wins, the politicians are the home team and the referees, which leaves no doubt regarding outcomes. The sportscasters of the political game, the mainstream media, assure us that the game is really being played fairly, that you only imagine corruption because you are not sufficiently intelligent and informed to understand.

I find a ray of hope in all of this. Political rigging has become so blatant and so frequent that the American people have finally had enough. And the sports casting by the mainstream media has become so blatantly biased that the people are on to them. The substantial support for Bernie Sanders and the fact that a large segment of his supporters have declared that they will not vote for Hillary provides one example of their hostility toward the establishment. Donald Trump being the strongest Republican contestant provides another.

It appears that this time around the people are so tired of being cheated by the political insiders that they will rise up in sufficient strength to beat the system. We will fail only if we beat ourselves. If we fall for foolish initiatives like the “Never Trump” scheme, primarily promoted by RINOs, or the third party approach, also promoted by RINOs and misguided libertarians, we might defeat ourselves. But if we do, I guess we deserve to be enslaved by those rigging the system.

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