Talking About the Elephant in the Brexit Room

Talking About the Elephant in the Brexit Room

Today, everyone is talking about the Brexit vote, but no one will talk about the elephant in the Brexit room. They walk around it, try to stay as far from it as possible, and just pretend that it is not there.

They talk about everything else in the room. They spend a lot of time talking about the disaster that Britain’s decision to  leave the European Union will inflict on the nation and the world, such as the meltdown of the British Pound, the drop in the Dow Jones (down 700 points at this writing), the bleak outlook for British trading, and the hurdles that must be cleared to get British commerce back on track. They talk about the vote being so catastrophic that Prime Minister David Cameron is resigning.

If the outcome is so terrible, why would the British people vote to exit the European Union? Numerous reasons have been advanced. One is that the bourgeois, the hoi polloi, the uninformed, unwashed British masses are just too ignorant to deal with issues at this level. It is just too bad that British elite can’t make those types of decisions for them.

But ignorant as the common Brit might be, what was he thinking? Why would he do such a thing? Newscasters suggest that the British people want their independence back. Some reporters get a little closer to the elephant in suggesting that the reason is nationalism, the British people like their country the way it was. Creeping even closer to the elephant, some journalists suggest that the problem is immigration. At this point, they are in grave danger of actually acknowledging the presence of the elephants, but as skilled journalists they avoid that trap by quickly changing the topic to the latest feud between Donald and Hillary.

The elephant, of course, is the Muslim culture and the resulting behavior of Muslim immigrants. Specifically what problems and what behaviors?

I believe the underlying problem resides in the Muslim teaching that as Muslims they are superior, and all others are infidels, deserving only dhimmi status. In other words, they act as if England belongs to them, and therefore they should be able to behave as they choose, regardless of British culture. That attitude shows itself in a variety of ways such as the rise of polygamy within the Muslim community despite the fact that it is illegal in England.

Another indication of their sense of superiority shows itself in the attitude of young Muslim men that infidel women are their property to use for their sexual gratification. Virtually everywhere Muslim immigrants go in Europe, the rape statistics skyrockets.

This attitude of superiority results in resistance to assimilation, instead seeking to force Muslim culture on Britain. Since they are superior, why should they adopt British culture? Why shouldn’t the British people adopt theirs? This has resulted in a large and growing segment of England not reflecting traditional British culture, instead looking more like a Muslim country.

A related problem is Islamophobia phobia. No, that is not a typo. Islamophobia conveys that people critical of Muslim behaviors suffer from a psychological sickness of unwarranted fear of Muslims. Therefore, regardless of how bad Muslims behave, objecting does not reflect badly on Muslims but on the psychologically sick person making the complaint. Based on this arrangement, Muslims are never the problem, only those objecting to their behavior. As a result, British people have been developing a phobia to Islamophobia, a fear of being branded Islamophobic.

Adding to this concern is that while Brits are not allowed to object to Muslim behavior, Muslims are highly offended by the least affront to them, and in such cases British people are required to be supersensitive to Muslim sensitivities.

And there’s one more thing. The future for British culture looks dim because Muslim birthrates are quite high compared with those of non-Muslim. Add to that Muslim immigration and Muslim aggressiveness, and it becomes evident that they will take over England in the not-too-distant future.

So we have Muslim streaming into the country, acting as if they own it, treating Brits as second-class citizens, engaging in bad behaviors such as rape, and being protected by the charge of Islamophobia, while being supersensitive to anything they find disagreeable. All this with the prospect of their ultimate domination.

That’s a pretty big elephant that is not especially pretty. Maybe that’s why the British people want out of the European Union. But we are not allowed to talk about that, and you know why.

The problem is not the Muslim people but Muslim culture. Had the same people been raised in a Western culture they would act differently. This leads to a second issue. There are some very kind and thoughtful Muslim people. The problem is that Islam produces higher percentages of people displaying problematic behavior, making their presence a major negative factor for the British people.

This brings us to the ultimate issue. This problem got started because elites in the European Union, including British leaders, thinking all religions were the same, concluded that welcoming Muslims to Europe would provide wonderful religious diversity. They failed to understand that most of Europe’s many blessings were products of their Christian cultural roots, even though most Europeans have discarded their Christian faith long ago. If they care to think about it, they will realize that Christianity is better than Islam. Maybe the outcome of this misguided experiment as they work to get the elephant to leave the room will be the realization of how much they owe to Jesus Christ.

2 comments on “Talking About the Elephant in the Brexit Room
  1. rhoyost says:

    Well stated! Excellent points which can be stated for the United States, as well as Britain.

  2. Karen Yost says:

    You nailed it. These were my thoughts and this gives us all a deeper sense of the clear reality that the forces of darkness are growing. We as believers in the most High God should seek His strength, band together and say “that’s enough”. …”get thee behind me Satan”

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