Our Hopelessness Might Just Be Our Greatest Hope

Our Hopelessness Might Just Be Our Greatest Hope

First the bad news. Any rational person looking at the political scene today would feel totally hopeless. Let me give several reasons, and there are many more.

  • The Orlando shooting should be President Obama’s worst nightmare, but instead he is using it to advance his agenda. Obama has established policies that hinder FBI investigations of Muslims. This gives reason to lay the blame for the Orlando shooting at Obama’s feet. But instead, he is able to use the incident to advance his gun control agenda. The fact that he possesses the capacity to deflect his own guilt and instead turn the narrative to serve his own purposes demonstrates his absolute power to use any crisis to his advantage.
  • The Orlando shooting should be the Democrats’ worst nightmare, but instead they are using it to advance their agenda. Democrat inclusion of both Muslims and gays in their coalition leaves them exposed to an internal explosion. One would think that the Orlando incident, a Muslim killing and wounding a large number of gays, would provide the spark to set off that explosion. Yet Democrats possess the power over the media to defuse that potential explosion and instead blame the Republicans for the incident, though they had nothing to do with it.
  • Paul Ryan is threatening to sue Trump, while the Republicans have allowed Obama to disregard the Constitution for eight years. Donald Trump has asserted that he would temporarily stop Muslim immigration until America is able to sort out our chaotic immigration situation. Paul Ryan has threatened to sue him if he proceeds without congressional approval. Ryan’s chutzpah is breathtaking. Obama has done nothing but act unconstitutionally for almost 8 years and the Republican Congress has acted as his lapdogs, and continue to do so to this very day. The worst part of this Republican unresponsiveness to Obama resides in the fact that the unconstitutional policies they allow him to pursue are destructive to our nation. Yet, when a candidate from Ryan’s own party speaks of doing something obviously beneficial to America, Ryan suddenly becomes a man of great principle and courage. This duplicitous dealing is especially troubling in that he is attacking the presidential candidate of his own party, which will help Hillary’s cause. On the campaign trail she can make the case that even Trump’s own party disagrees with his policies, thus hurting his chances for winning the White House. Especially discouraging is the indication that Paul Ryan and the Republican RINOs would prefer Hillary to Trump.
  • The “Never Trump” conservatives are not smart enough to figure out that the alternative is Hillary. A reason for hopelessness resides in the “Never Trump” movement among conservatives. This movement is discouraging because it hurts Trump’s chances of winning. But even more discouraging is what it says about conservatives who take this position. Somehow our own team is not sufficiently rational to figure out that “Never Trump” means “Always Hillary.” The level of thinking on our side bodes poorly for the future. An added sense of hopelessness engendered by this movement is found in the fragmentation of conservatives. Above I mentioned the capacity of Democrats to join Muslims and gays in the same party. Yet conservatives like Glenn Beck and Bill Kristol refuse to support the candidate of their party who is substantially closer to their position and that of Muslims to gays or vice versa. Democrats unify and win while we fragment and lose. It is disheartening that Beck and Kristol can’t figure that out.

Christians might find hope in all this bad news in the belief that it portends the return of Christ. I find great hope in the return of Christ, but I have written before that bad news does not constitute a sign of His return. No doubt Christians in Rome thought that the collapse of the Empire signaled the return of Christ. It did not. Likewise with Christians in North Africa when it was overrun by Muslims. Likewise with Christians in Germany when Hitler came to power. I am looking for the return of Christ, but bad news does not make me more hopeful.

What hope, then, do I see in our current hopeless political situation? It is my hope that evangelicals will grasp the desperation of the hour and employ their resources to respond to it. We have all the resources necessary to beat back the Left and restore a Christian culture to America. We have the Holy Spirit, prayer, the Word, a significant percent of the American population, a wealth of human capital, vast real estate holdings, and other resources. Becoming salt in our society and taking back America is easily within our reach.

To make that happen, however, evangelicals must do the following:

  • Awake out of their passive state and go on the offensive.
  • Return to a solidly biblical belief system and the related lifestyle.
  • Pray.
  • Unite in their efforts to take back America.
  • Develop an effective strategy.

I have written a book in this regard that should be published before Summer’s end. Our present hopeless situation could be really good news for America if it stirs evangelicals to action.

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