Trumping the Media

Trumping the Media

The mainstream media dominate America. They possess the power to create, shape, and dictate public opinion. This reality is highly significant to us because the mainstream media are totally committed to the liberal agenda, and they use their power to advance it.

Other elements of our society have power also, but the mainstream media give them their power. Our educational system exercises great influence in molding the minds of American young people, but if the mainstream media decided to expose the mindless Left-wing propaganda our educational system promotes, it could get university presidents and high school principals fired. Instead the media cover for them.

The media dominate public opinion through an extensive menu of propaganda techniques that empower them to make the preponderance of Americans believe anything they wants them to believe.

For example, they coordinate with one another to give them a unified message. This allows them to determine what Americans believe to be important. If the media convey something is important, the American people believe that it is. Correspondingly, they are convinced that items not accentuated by the media are insignificant.

America is currently vulnerable to attack by an electromagnetic pulse bomb, which could disable every device in our nation using a computer chip. Experts estimate that in the within two years of such an attack, 90% of the American population would be dead. The media by their silence convey that this threat does not comprise an important issue. Consequently, Americans are unconcerned.

The mainstream media so totally dictate what stories are important that they even determine the items that conservative talk show hosts and Fox News discuss. If the mainstream media report that Donald Trump did not make good on his promise to raise money for veterans, whether true or not it becomes it an important story. Or if they decide that shooting an innocent gorilla merely to save the life of a four-year-old boy is a crucial issue, then everyone is talking about it.

The mainstream media have especially exercised their influence in dominating the American political scene. The agenda promoted by liberal politicians is highly destructive. The political Left survives and thrives only through media protection and promotion. Had the media made an issue of the Benghazi debacle or Fast and Furious, these developments could have inflicted heavy damage on the Democratic Party. Instead, the mainstream media have provided cover on these and countless other such issues, enabling the political Left to destroy our country with impunity.

Many Americans, recognizing the control mainstream media exercise over politics, have been attracted to Donald Trump because of his capacity to put them in their place. In a press conference this week he told them that the political press corps was comprised of some of the most dishonest people in the country. They asked him if he would continue this contentious approach toward them if he became president. His brief but unequivocal response was, “Yes.”

A major weapon enabling him to dominate the media seems to be his big personality. Other factors include his refusal to be intimidated by them but instead taking the offensive, his unpredictability, and his capacity to get so much coverage that he has a platform for fighting back. Try as they will—and they have, they cannot destroy him.

As a result of the power of the mainstream media, the agenda of the Left has advanced inexorably onward, even when Republicans controlled Congress and the White House. Stopping it requires someone with the capacity to dominate the media. Donald Trump is the only person demonstrating that capability.

Whether he will advance a conservative agenda across the board I do not know. He has promised to do some good things, and I sense that he will at least keep those promises. But of this I am convinced. The liberal juggernaut can only be stopped by a person with the capacity to take on the media, and since Ronald Reagan left office Donald Trump is the only person that has come on the American political scene capable of doing that. And for many Americans, his putting them in their place not only provides hope, but some great, long-awaited entertainment.

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  1. Michael Dono says:

    Depends on an individuals definition of entertainment. I have several friends that are in the mental health field, and as I have mentioned previously, every single one of them without exception, has said that Trump is a narcissistic sociopath…And beyond that, I certainly do not want someone who feels that he has to defend the size of his penis, at a presidential debate in front of the whole world, because an opponent alluded to the size of his hands being indicative of the size of his male member, having the launch codes to nuclear weapons, or being in charge of the most powerful military in the entire world. That’s indicative of the ego of a junior high school kid. Someone with an ego that fragile only belongs in the White House as a guest on a tour.

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