The Democrat War on Women

The Democrat War on Women

Of course the Democrats accuse Republicans of waging war on women. They must in an attempt to conceal their own abysmal record regarding women. It’s the same tactic they use with the race issue. Their record on that count starts back with the Ku Klux Klan and displays a similar dismal record, which they conceal by accusing Republicans of being racist.

Unfortunately, this strategy works on both counts because Democrats control the two major means of communication in our society, the media and education, consequently allowing them to shape the message to the American people.

Their spin notwithstanding, the reality is that the Left has historically been demeaning to women while conservatives have to a great extent been the champions of chivalry, providing women with protection and preference.

The hippie movement, the cultural maternity ward of the contemporary Left, graphically exposed the attitude that women existed for men to use. The devolving scene in the Haight-Ashbury section of San Francisco during the Summer of Love as Larry Eskridge describes it provides a grim display of this reality.

Even more troubling was the generally degrading effect life in the Haight had on the young runaway girls who came to the Bay area. As one young teenage girl named Alice told early Jesus People figure David Hoyt, “Girls didn’t have any trouble finding a place to spend the night” if they were willing to pay the right price. Others turned to full-fledged prostitution to feed themselves and their drug habits. Sexual violence toward women was also a grim reality. As early as April 1967, one hippie broadside lamented the situation: “Rape is as common as bullshit on Haight Street.” In general, by midsummer 1967, women in the Haight were at risk for all sorts of emotional and physical violence from their male counterparts.[i]

From the Summer of Love to Bill Clinton’s White House not much changed. It wasn’t Ronald Reagan or either of the Bush’s that used women as sex toys.

It is also the Left that while preaching against using women as sex objects promotes nudity in the entertainment industry, while conservatives encourage modesty. It wasn’t the Salvation Army that published Playboy and Hustler.

Democrat use of women also includes the promotion of cultural trends and governmental policies that have resulted in the astronomical rise of single moms, who work two jobs just to survive and come home to cook and change diapers. Just as policies and initiatives of the Left have vastly increased the misery of African Americans, they have also inflicted untold wretchedness on vast numbers of women. Sadly, Democrats not only abuse but also use women. It is the votes of women that consistently put them in office, allowing them to perpetuate their abuse. At least their treatment of women is consistent.

The latest assault by Democrats on women comes in the form of Obama’s bathroom and shower room policy. This policy, utterly irrational on multiple accounts, represents a total betrayal of women at the most profound facet of their being. While guys seem not to care how much they have on or who sees them—maybe because no one wants to look, from an early age most girls reveal an inclination toward modesty, and therefore privacy is of utmost importance to them. To rob them of privacy, in the case of shower rooms, is in effect to force them to expose themselves like strippers, displays the historic policy of the Left to use women for their purposes, whatever that might be.

The point has been made that the bathroom policy, which permits a man to walk into a restroom being used by a woman, is especially devastating to girls and women who have been sexually abused, producing paralyzing flashbacks that can be emotionally devastating. And this response is not ill-founded, since the Democratic policy exposes women to anyone who claims to identify as a women, making them prey for voyeurists who want to look or take pictures or others inclined toward physical assault.

The Democrat response: “Get over it.” They are committed to support the agenda of the LGBT community, perhaps because of donations, and they certainly will not let legitimate concerns of women stand in the way. After all, women should know their role. They exist to be used by the Left in any way that serves their purposes.

[i] Eskridge, Larry (2013-05-31). God’s Forever Family: The Jesus People Movement in America. Oxford University Press USA [Kindle Edition, p. 30].

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  1. Beth Stembridge says:

    Have you seen the documentaries by Curtis Bowers? “Agenda:Grinding Down America” & “Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit.”

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