#NeverTrump: A Bad Case of Political Masochism

#NeverTrump: A Bad Case of Political Masochism

That’s the only way I can explain it. We conservatives are the rational ones. Right? We opt for capitalism rather than communism because it works. Limited government is better because big government leads to Obama-type totalitarianism. Transgender biological men should stay out of ladies’ rooms. Liberals promote wacky ideologies while we keep our feet firmly planted on rational soil.

So the irrational conservative fixation on #NeverTrump must stem from a conservative psychological need for pain and humiliation—a thrill they derive from bondage. This must be the case since that is the only conceivable outcome of this movement.

This article is not meant as a therapy session to help conservatives work through their psychological issue, but rather it is designed as a double expresso to wake them up to reality.

I read two “I will never vote for Trump” type articles last night by two conservatives whom I admire and who are normally rational. However, on this issue both are manifesting masochistic symptoms.

Matt Barber, normally the most rational guy in the room, in his article, “A Christian Letter to Nominee Donald Trump,” assures him that “absent some direct revelation from the Holy Spirit Himself, I cannot, and will not, vote for you in November.” He continues by citing some of Trump’s positive qualities such as his capacity to take on the media and his willingness to do battle with the Republican establishment. Then he launches into a litany of Trump’s bad positions and behaviors. He concludes the article by telling Trump that because he manifests no repentance for any of his derelictions, he will not be voting for him.

Starr Parker, normally a clearheaded champion of the right, expresses similar sentiments in her article, “Paul Ryan should not support Trump,” listing her grievances with him and concluding with a call to Ryan to stand firm.

I found it somewhat surreal that neither of these normally realistic commentators addressed what might be the outcome of their advice. The obvious outcome would be President Hillary Clinton. It seems that their truncated calculations never took them that far—but reality will.

Parker asserted in her article, “The last thing the Republican Party or the USA needs today is an unprincipled super-salesman appealing to the worst instincts of an unhappy electorate.” She is dead wrong. The last thing America needs is Hillary Clinton in the White House, by all calculations a fate far worse than Trump occupying the Oval Office. Let me site just to reasons why that is the case, and there are many more.

Daniel Horowitz recently wrote an article indicating that the judiciary in the United States is almost totally dominated by the Left. This is especially bad news since judges increasingly legislate from the bench, overturning decisions of conservative voters. The implications of this situation reveal themselves in a recent statement by liberal Harvard law professor Mark Tushnet, who asserted, “The culture wars are over; they lost, we won.” He then raises the question of how liberals should deal with the losers [conservatives] and concludes, “My own judgment is that taking a hard line (‘You lost, live with it’) is better than trying to accommodate the losers.”

Regarding the judiciary we know what Hillary would do: load the Supreme Court and other courts with the most liberal judges she can find. In that case the outcome advanced by Mark Tushnet would materialize and conservatives would be at the mercy of the Left, and it has none. The United States would descend into a liberal totalitarian cesspool, the direction we are headed now but with nothing to cushion the fall.

On the other hand, Trump has promised a pro-life Supreme Court nominee of the Antonin Scalia type. Will he deliver? We have no way of knowing, but we have a fighting chance with a nominee who has promised a conservative choice.

Illegal immigration comprises a second game-changing issue. Obama is working overtime to hurry as many illegal Hispanics and Muslims into the country as possible during his remaining months in office. Hillary would continue that trend, which would result in a permanent dominant Democratic majority, another formula for total Liberal dominance of America and the final curtain falling on America as we know it.

Trump has taken a strong stand on the illegal immigrant issue. Like anything else in life we won’t know the outcome until it actually occurs. But here again, we stand a far better chance with a candidate promising to protect our borders as opposed to one who would clearly continue Obama’s destructive policy.

In the 2012 presidential election, half of evangelical voters, mad at the Republican Party for its choice of Romney, sat out the election. Statistics indicate that their non-vote made the difference, giving us Barack Obama for another four years and all of the resulting suffering we have endured. Now people like Barber, Parker, and the rest of the #NeverTrump advocates are working hard to get us eight more years of the same, only worse.

The good news is that the Left, which advocates for mental health as part of healthcare, might provide conservatives treatment for their political masochism. Though it will be too late to make a difference, heavily sedated by medication they will be able to enjoy sitting around in group sessions commiserating with one another.

7 comments on “#NeverTrump: A Bad Case of Political Masochism
  1. Martin Pagano says:

    Great article! Ideology is often the enemy of common sense.

  2. Michael Dono says:

    I have access to mental health professionals …I have read several articles by them concerning Mr. Trump…and I have spoken to the ones I have access to and they all concur…Mr. Trump is a sick puppy…My own observations are that he doesn’t even seem to understand how the government operates. He promises to build a wall on the southern border. The presidency doesn’t give him the power to do that. He says he’s going tom bring jobs back to America. The presidency doesn’t give him the power to do that, not to mention that he himself outsources to other countries and hasn’t done anything to bring those jobs back. He says he going to rebuild the military. Again, the presidency doesn’t give him the power to do that. He’s flip flopped on so many issues I can’t keep track…Now I don’t like Hillary either…personally I have a problem…lol

  3. Carol says:

    Thank you for this article!! I’ve been shouting it from the roof tops!! It is unbelievably distressing to read or to listen to this poor thought process. I’m NOT looking for a PASTOR…I’m voting for a politician that will allow us to KEEP our freedoms!! Hillary Clinton plans to give government as much control in every area that she can! WAKE UP, people!! Seriously??

  4. William Stack says:

    Thank you Dr Brownback! Ya the The Christian community must wake-up to the fact this is a secular job not a Pulpit we are filling.

  5. Glenn Harris says:

    “Of two evils, choose neither”
    C.H. Spurgeon

    • Paul Brownback says:

      Glenn, your response misses the point that apart from something totally unforeseen, one of the people will be chosen. If good people opt out of the choosing process, bad people will make the choice for us. Paul

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