And Then There Was Trump: The Meaning for Evangelical Christians

And Then There Was Trump: The Meaning for Evangelical Christians

Few of the political intelligentsia would have guessed back in the 17 Republican candidate days that Trump would be the last man standing. But there his is.

This comprises a heartbreaking outcome for many evangelical Christians who saw Ted Cruz as the candidate who truly represented us. There can be little question that he did. He made that evident not only by stating a conservative position, but also by fighting for it, at times all alone.

However, for many conservatives holding all the right positions embodies just one of the salient qualities of a good candidate. The other one resides in the capacity to implement that agenda.

In fact, this has been the issue all along. Cruz advanced the right agenda, but was confronted by such hostility from the RINO’s, the media, and almost every other contingent that it was hard for him to get things done. In addition, though possessing a pleasing personality, he lacks that “take charge of the room” quality needed to make things happen.

Trump on the other hand seems to be a wild card when it comes to his positions but has the personality, savvy, and other characteristics to get things done. His business success supports that conclusion.

The primaries highlighted this difference between these candidate. Trump started the primary campaign as a Fox outsider. Now he has somehow managed to become a Fox insider, while they have not given Cruz the time of day. Cruz used his intellect to get Colorado delegates while Trump did not even show up in Colorado. Trump, however, turned that to his advantage by screaming that the system is rigged, positioning himself as the true outsider. Of course, the system was not rigged, but Trump had the media presence to sell his message whereas Cruz did not. Therefore, the outcome of the primaries displays the  very issue at hand. Trump has the capacity to get things done.

For that reason, many conservatives have opted for Trump because of the desperateness of the hour. We need someone who can solve the immigration issue, which through Obama’s ceaseless nefarious efforts becomes more daunting by the day. We need someone who can fix the economy, the healthcare, our tax system, our foreign policy, and the military. We need someone to stop the ceaseless government interference in business and our personal lives. We need someone to put an end to political correctness. In other words, after Obama has trashed this nation for eight years we need someone who can get things done in order to restore our national health and strength. More than anyone else, Trump seems to have that capacity.

But, will he pursue the right issues? His off the cuff comments expose him as being all over the map. It is easy to get whiplash trying to follow the dots. For example, he seems to be okay with Planned Parenthood.

I get the sense that Donald Trump has a long list of agenda items, with so many factors needing fixing, but that social issues are not among them. Therefore, on these issues, he will lean in the most expedient direction. The Left will be pushing him hard, and therefore if evangelicals and other conservatives do not show up he will probably gravitate toward their positions. I sense that he would be just as happy, perhaps happier, to take our positions on this items, but he is not willing to expend political capital to make that happen.

This is where the evangelical church comes in. The days are past in which evangelicals can count on the Constitution, the President, the Congress, and the Courts to uphold their rights. We also have left behind the good ole’ days in which a few parachurch organizations can fight our battles for us. We appreciate organizations such as American Family Associate that are on the front lines taking on our cultural enemies for us, but unless the church develops some sort of unified structure and a unified strategy for confronting these issues, we will be on the losing side, even with a Trump presidency.  Should Hillary win, we would be in the fight of our lives, not too different from the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto.

I have just finished writing a book entitled Counterattack: Why Evangelicals Are Losing the Culture War and How They Can Win, which offers a strategy that will enable the American evangelical church to win the culture war. It should be coming out in about two months. If ever the church needed an effective strategy it is today.

4 comments on “And Then There Was Trump: The Meaning for Evangelical Christians
  1. Brian says:

    Nice article Paul. I have followed the voting process so far, but have not yet really gotten to know the candidates outside of seeing some videos on Cruz and his family. I’m always looking for more information and I appreciate your insight. Nice looking website too!

  2. debi4weaver says:

    Mr Brownback, I appreciate your opinion and deeper thinking on this subject.
    Here is how I’m thinking…
    I’m deeply offended by the upper political elites that didn’t get “their man” this primary season.
    For years, these ELITES have told me as an evangelical to suck it up and stick to the party, I’ve been told to “just plug my nose” and vote for their choice. Just make sure I vote for their candidate. Well.. I did.

    I voted for Dole – who was no friend to evangelicals. He was a moderate and would not have stood firm on social issues. His history in the senate proved over and over that he was liberal when expedient and really didn’t know the Truth of God’s Word.

    Then, there was McCain. Oh my…help us! Just because he was a war hero, I was supposed to trust a man who crossed the aisle on every issue. He was more interested in being popular and liked than doing right.

    The Bush men came along. They stood strong on honoring the office. I’m proud of some of their decisions, but they were not evangelicals and did not stand firm on the Word of God. Unfortunately, they caved often and they chose supreme court moderates. George even caved calling our enemies “a religion of Peace” that was being high-jacked by terrorists. Seriously?
    And then…there was Romney. A good man. A moderate who compromised often when expedient.

    All these votes took a lot of prayer on my part. I prayed for wisdom and learned to VOTE for the “PLATFORM”. I voted for the party that was “CLOSER” to my solid belief in the Word of God being my only standard. I voted for a party that SAID at a convention that they stood for life – but later on, didn’t fight too hard against social issues.

    Now – it is time to vote again.
    I’m not crazy about this man either. There is still a party with a platform. Instead of sitting it out, where are the elites on social issues now? Where are those who would stand their ground and help this man who wants to “fix” a nation he loves? Where are those who would come along side of him and offer their services in knowledge and wisdom, helping him stand for the platform?
    They’ve gone AWOL.

    It is time for THEM to hold their nose and VOTE. We need them to keep the platform firm and solid under Trump’s feet. We need them to unite as a solid front of righteousness. We need them to protect Life. We need them to suggest good men for a supreme judge. We need them to stick with the platform. This is our only protection against the evil social issues pushed by democrats and liberals.

    So, after reading your thoughts, I think you, too, are thinking this. It is what you’re saying. Social issues must be held forever in front of this elected man. We need to pray that those who love God and stand for truth surround this weakened mind with God’s standard.
    We need to pray that this opportunity to serve his country be the door that leads Trump to the cross. We need men to stand tall for Jesus and be attractively serving for the good of all, rather than their own agenda.

    So, this is what I see you saying: Stand firm and pray for those who can surround this man with Truth to be faithful to their KING.

  3. Patricia Didden says:

    Good words, brother! I believe that God still hears the many constant fervent prayers of His people in this country, and I have long believed that a person like Donald Trump is type of leader who could help to right this countryl

  4. Ami Reed says:

    This is a great article!!! Thank you Paul for your insight.

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