Liberal Manifestations of Bipolar Disorder

Liberal Manifestations of Bipolar Disorder

At those times when we become frustrated with liberals, we must respond with compassion, realizing that these dear people are struggling with a severe case of bipolar disorder.

On the depressive side, they struggle with the realization that human beings are only matter and energy, a perspective which deprives life of all meaning and morality. In a talk on the incompatibility of science and religion, Jerry Coyne asserted, “The universe and life are pointless….Pointless in the sense that there is no externally imposed purpose or point in the universe. As atheists this is something that is manifestly true to us. We make our own meaning and purpose.” Likewise, biologists William Provine asserts that “”No ultimate foundations for ethics exist, no ultimate meaning in life exists, and free will is merely a human myth. These are all conclusions to which Darwin came quite clearly.”

This liberal perspective on life is quite depressive. Imagine trying to live with the reality that you consist merely of a pile of meaningless and valueless molecules, and therefore your being hit by a freight train has no significance. I recall a Far Side cartoon depicting a couple of apparently very huge astronauts making their way through the galaxies when what to them was a bug-sized object, but one clearly manifesting the outlines of North and South America, was squashed on the space ship windshield, to which one of them responded, “yuck.” That pretty much sums up human value based on the depressive liberal perspective. Just as many depressed people find it difficult to get out of bed, this worldview gives every reason for the liberal to pull the covers over his head and hope that when he wakes up it was all just a bad dream.

In fact, in many ways that is the essence of the liberal approach. Though they do not see the depressive view of life described above as a bad dream, but as a reality, they create an alternate reality meant to make life more fun.

This manic side of liberal bipolar disorder resides in the belief that reality is determined by feelings, and therefore the ultimate goal in life is to make oneself feel good. This is the reality in which Hillary and Bernie live as they compete to see who can give away the most fun stuff. This approach is manic in that no one has a plan to pay for any of it, but people living on their manic high never worry about those details.

While the depressive liberal worldview provides no foundation for morality, the manic liberal worldview engenders endless moral application. Since the essence of that perspective insists on my right to feel good, anything making me feel good is moral and anything making me feel bad is immoral. Consequently Washington State of Colorado have taken the moral high (no pun intended) ground in legalizing drugs.

I mentioned above that this manic worldview is designed to make life fun, but in reality it makes them miserable because the real world contains so many aspects that hurts liberal hyper-sensitized feelings. For example, liberal students at the University of Missouri find assaults on their feelings so overwhelming that they require safe zones in which to hide from them. As we have been discussing the past several posts, in some states like North Carolina some biological men are required to live under the crushing immoral assault on their feelings resulting from being banned from restrooms and shower rooms of the opposite biological sex. How could that state be so immoral?

However, these feelings-oriented liberals can never seem to find enough offenses in real life to be offended over, so they have created some of their own by generating the concept of microaggressions. These are “the everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights, snubs, or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to target persons based solely upon their marginalized group membership.”  The descriptive term “micro” graphically depict just how awful these immoralities must be.

For liberals, however, this is not all bad. While their depressive worldview gives no reason to get up on Monday morning, their manic worldview does. It provides the ultimate liberal joy: finding something that offends them. This, however, makes the rest of us in a well hope that sometime soon liberals might revert to the depressive side of their bipolar disorder and pull the covers over their heads.

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