Power: The Substitute of the Left for Reason

Power: The Substitute of the Left for Reason

It seems that the Left has given up on the whole idea of reason. They have gone on the record as having done so in various academic circles. For example, the late Robert Bork in his book Slouching Towards Gomorrah notes that some academics derisively refer to a rational approach to life as “logocentrism.”

The Left manifests this abandonment of a rational approach to life by many of its positions and policies. My most recent two posts expose the irrationality of the insistence by the Left that biological males claiming to identify as women be given the right to use bathrooms and shower rooms designated for biological females. This position, vehemently demanded by the Left, can be shown to be irrational on many counts.

Another obvious departure of the Left from the realm of the rational can be found in its viewing the Palestinians as the good guy and Israel as the bad guy in that conflict. Massive amounts of empirical data and rational analysis of that data would show otherwise. In fact, as with many of their positions, the Left embraces conclusions diametrically opposed to the actualities of the real world.

The list could go on almost endlessly of liberal assertions reflecting disregard for rational analysis. In fact, the entire liberal worldview is constructed on fantasy. Consider the rise to popularity of Bernie Sanders in response to his commitment to socialism, despite the fact that socialism has proven to be a failure everywhere it has been tried. But why should real world failure bother liberals since they seldom visit planet reality except for the purpose of taxing actual wage earners to finance their pipedreams.

Since liberals cannot sell their ludicrous ideas in the rational marketplace, how do they propagate them so effectively, even propagandizing American youth with their fantasies? The answer is found in power. Recall the old adage, “Might makes right,” or more in keeping with the application of the Left, “Might makes truth.”

The Left has managed to amass sufficient power to control the news and entertainment media, our educational system, our judicial system, our government bureaucracies, the White House, and other components of our society. They exercise this control to force their irrational ideas on America.

The use of the economic might of many liberal corporations and individuals in an effort to squash the North Carolina transgender law provides an example. The good people of North Carolina applying common sense to this issue recognize the irrationality of having biological males in women’s restrooms and shower rooms. Leftist organizations and individuals, knowing that they could not support their position based on reason, have resorted to the use of power to bludgeon rational people into submission.

One might think that such corporations and individuals could use their money to sell their position and win the argument. However, realizing the irrationality of their agenda, they have resorted to fiscal brutality.

In the past I have been a good customer of the local Lowe’s Home Improvement store. However, their advocacy for the LGBT agenda here in North Carolina prompted me to cease doing business with them, and to write a letter explaining why. The response I received from Lowe’s ended with the self-righteous assertion, “Lowe’s opposes any measure in any state that would encourage or allow discrimination..”

Of course, this assertion is not true. They maintain a Commercial Sales Desk that gives discounts to contractors, or at least that has been the case. In doing so, they are discriminating against the DYI customer. I am sure that they also discriminate between more gifted and less gifted employees in giving promotions and raises. So the list could go on of the ways in which Lowe’s no doubt discriminates.

The point is that we could not exist without discrimination. Aren’t you glad that the local hospital in hiring brain surgeons discriminates between those who passed and failed medical school? So the CEO of Lowe’s discriminates right along with the rest of us, only he uses the LGBT agenda as the basis for his discrimination, which terrorizes and endangers girls and women. He can’t support his position on a rational basis. He must resort to power, which he has.

The take away for us from this discussion is that we cannot engage the Left through advancing rational ideas. The culture war ultimately is about power. We are losing that war because we lack the unity and strategy to exercise the power God has placed at our disposal.

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